Panasonic Commercial Food Service Group introduced a groundbreaking induction cooktop, the Met-ALL KY-MK3500, featuring state-of-the-art technology for commercial chefs. Specifically designed for use in the commercial food service industry, this portable induction cooktop is the culmination of Panasonic’s 40-year history with induction technology and represents the latest advances in high-efficiency cooking equipment. The Met-ALL Induction Cooktop is engineered to provide a fast, responsive cooking experience for restaurants, caterers and other commercial settings.

“Induction technology has long promised flexibility, safety and control for chefs due to its efficient heat distribution and precise temperature controls, and we’re proud to have delivered a cooktop that delivers on that promise,” says David Williams, Sr. product manager, Panasonic Commercial Food Services Group. “The Met-ALL Induction Cooktop will change how commercial food preparation is done, helping our customers deliver consistently flawless execution, day after day.”

The branded technology, “Met-ALL”, refers to the cooktop’s ability to heat up metal pots and pans of all kinds, including aluminum and copper—going beyond traditional iron or stainless steel, a first for commercial induction technology. The cooktop also features a state-of-the-art patented IR sensor that monitors the internal temperature of the cooking vessel rather than the outside for more precise heat control to ensure optimal performance. It comes complete with LED displays for the timer and temperature levels, as well as a safety mechanism called the Luminous Circle that lights up when and where the glass cooktop is heating. A memory feature that allows users to save popular cooking routines is also included.

The Met-ALL Induction Cooktop provides a perfectly even temperature across the bottom of the cooking vessel’s surface, ensuring that the food will be cooked consistently throughout. Notable features includes 20 power levels, topping out at 3500 Watts, and an internal timer levels for added precision. Efficient 1200 copper-wire coil detects different pan types and generates energy up to 90 kHz to heat only the cooktop area in contact with the base of the pan in conjunction with the IR sensor for optimal efficiency in the kitchen.

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