The brand's 75-item menu is now available at all locations.

Monday marked the end of an era at Chili’s. The brand introduced its “less is more” menu at all restaurants nationwide. The new menu has 75 items, which is a 40 percent cut from its previous offerings—a sign of just how massive the previous menu actually was.

Chili’s understood that it needed to boost ticket times and improve its core products by turning a focus to burgers, ribs, and fajitas.

“… Chili’s tried to be all things to all guests and lost its way over the years,” the Brinker brand said in a release Monday.

But the company also knew there would be kickback. In response, Chili’s launched a series of videos and media to explain why guests should embrace the move, as well as pay homage to some popular menu items that are no longer around.

“Quite simply, the brand needs to focus on what matters most, which is serving exceptional food to exceptional guests. Deep down beyond the grief, guests know this change is for the better as well. Grief can be a difficult process and it takes time to fully feel right again, but Chili’s is here to make that process bearable by sharing recipes of items leaving the menu, easy-to-follow recipe tutorial videos and a proper sendoff to some cherished menu items that are no longer with the Chili’s family,” Chili’s said.

Chili’s posted recipes of departing guest favorites on its Pinterest page under the headline “goodbyes are never easy.”

It also released a series of recipe tutorial videos, including how to make Southwestern Mac & Cheese.

Lastly, the brand put together a collection of send-off videos to share on its social media channels. Check them out here.

Chili’s said it will continue revealing more details about the menu Tuesday as it says “goodbye to retired menu items and hello, hello, hello to Bigger Big Mouth Burgers, Texas Size Baby Back Ribs and Full-On Fajitas.”

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