The Homer Laughlin China Company is honored to announce that they have received the West Virginia Governor’s Award for Leadership in Industrial Energy Efficiency.

The award is prompted by nominations from West Virginia University’s Industrial Assessment Center and is based on past assessments and a company’s ability to implement changes that were suggested by the center’s team. The award program began in 2009.

Homer Laughlin received their award as part of “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Day” Jan. 28 at the state capitol building in Charleston, West Virginia, as part of a networking event showcasing groups and companies who are working to advance innovation across the state. The award certificate mentions the company’s efforts in reducing gas and electric costs and their installation and use of reclamation systems.

Homer Laughlin takes conservation practices very seriously and is continuously striving to improve business efficiency. The company has made dramatic changes in operations practices that have saved the company, and the state, enormous amounts of energy. Investing in changes of this type is not only good business, but also keeps Homer Laughlin on the cutting edge of technology, fostering a culture of proactive improvements and innovative business practices.

Just a few of the changes Homer Laughlin has made in recent years to cut costs and increase efficiencies include eliminating unnecessary cardboard packaging, re-routing waste heat from kilns, installing a system to control compressed air, changing to energy-efficient lighting, upgrading wastewater treatment processes to reclaim and repurpose water-based glaze, and increasing the amount of recycled steel, cardboard, and scrap fired ware.

The company has always looked toward the future, anticipating customer demand. Their popular consumer line, FIESTA dinnerware, went completely lead free in 1992.

They continue to review processes and operations to find more and better ways to increase efficiencies and control costs.

“We are incredibly honored to receive this award,” says Elizabeth McIlvain, president of HLC Inc. “We continuously work to improve every aspect of our business and manufacturing processes, and we are very proud of our efforts. It’s very special to have our efforts recognized with this prestigious award.”

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