Nikki Greek Bistro & Lounge, an upscale restaurant and lounge offering authentic Greek cuisine, focused on seasonality and sourcing with modern French cooking techniques, will open in the Devonshire neighborhood of Dallas at the corner of Lovers Lane and the Dallas North Tollway at 5757 W Lovers Lane, Suite 101, on Tuesday, April 30 for drinks, dinner and late-night entertainment. 

When owners, Lisa and Tom Georgalis, were asked about the inspiration behind the concept, they says, “Imagine the energy of an island bistro with a modern interpretation of old Greek cuisine utilizing all the forgotten herbs, oils and cheeses that are so special to Greece.”

He continues, “When we visit our family in Greece, we dine and drink in a more fluid way. This means we may go to one spot and head to the patio or lounge for pre-dinner drinks, then move into the dining room for our meal and then return to the lounge area for drinks while enjoying live music or a DJ late into the night. We want our guests to experience this at Nikki while also having the ability to eat well executed and carefully sourced authentic Greek cuisine.” 

The Georgalis’ are incorporating family recipes that have been passed down for generations as well as unexpected dishes offering a dining and drinking experience not commonly found in Greek restaurants in the United States. To aid in bringing their vision to life, the couple tapped Chef Blake Andress. 

Rising star Executive Chef Blake Andress has developed a highly trained culinary team to execute the Georgalis vision. Chef Andress, who was born and raised in Dallas-Fort Worth and has worked in some of Dallas’ most prestigious kitchens including Mister Charles, The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek and more, says, “Every single item on our menu has been painstakingly sourced from the highest-quality vendors. Our kitchen is making everything from scratch honoring the culture of native Greek cuisine.”

Lisa continues, “Greeks very much embrace the seasons when cooking, so we have a menu wherein cheeses, fish and main offerings as well as vegetables rotate based on what is fresh and in season at the time. We want our guests to feel like they are in our home kitchen, but in a fun, elegant, super cool atmosphere.”

The opening spring menu offers starters such as Pefti Kreatopita (falling meat pie) – Prime pasture raised beef and lamb with leeks, Greek olive, fresh dill, feta crumble and skordalia foam; Oregano & Char Octopus Rakomelo – Greek oregano, gigante bean puree, Rakomelo stone-fruit chutney, pistachios and Greek peppers; Crispy Blossoms – stuffed squash blossom w béchamel, kefalograviera cheese, spring garlic and saffron whipped yogurt; to the Georgalis family Recipe Avgolemono Soup which is a traditional Greek soup with rice, microgreens and garnish; and the Okeania Synkomida- (Ocean’s harvest) – Citrus Cured Fish – Market fish, Greek pickled peppers, spring berry coulis, pistachio gremolata, compressed cucumbers and melons. 

Entree highlights include Moussaka Georgalis – Georgalis family recipe of cast iron layered traditional moussaka with Texas raised beef and roasted onion crisp; Kotopoulo Stifado – braised chicken, roasted florina, pearl onions, marble potatoes and prasorizo rice; Specialty Cut: Lamb Steak – eye of Loin, citrus & stone demi, baby briam and charred fennel whip; Butcher Board Specialty Cut: Greek Honey Glazed Pork Chop – bone-in chop with Greek honey, crispy thyme & lemon potato pavè, seasonal horta; Fisherman’s Whole Tsipoura – Sea salt foam, crispy anchovy flake and charred lemon; Saffron Scallops – charred kale, lemon fondant, saffron beurre blanc, florina and feta streusel; and the Coriander Crusted Market Filet – crispy artichokes, prasorizo rice, creamy leek and tarragon sauce with dill oil. 

Housemade desserts include Portokalopita – a candied orange citrus custard cake, spearmint, olive oil; Trigonas – semolina custard, whipped Greek honey, frappe dust sprinkle; and Lavender Mousse – chocolate lavender mousse, sea salt, sage, house whip.

Equally important to the Greek bistro is the thoughtfully planned drink menu including a variety of fresh cocktails such as Baklava Espresso Martini made with Titos, Mr. Black Coffee liqueur, tsipouro, pistachio, espresso; Diable de Athena with Lalo Tequila, blackberry, lime, ginger beer, halo spicy salt; Sunset in Athens made with Hendricks Gin, italicus, lavender, lemon, blue spirulina and Peychauds bitters; Cucumber Aloe Spritz with cucumber-infused Grey Whale Gin, Chareau aloe, lime, Fever Tree cucumber soda; Limoncello Cheesecake Martini with Limoncello, Licor 43, Cream and Lemon Zest; to the Perfect Freezer Martini made with Kastra’ Elion Greek Vodka, Dolin Dry Vermouth and Curated Olive Brine; and more. 

Tom Georgalis adds, “When dining in true Greek fashion the food is not the only element to the experience. The experience is stimulating all five senses. The nose for the aroma, the eyes for the sights, the tongue for the taste, the hands for the touch and most the most neglected sense, the ears, to enjoy the sounds of glasses cheering, music playing and the wine flowing. We look forward to welcoming our Dallas guests.”

Nikki will be open Monday through Saturday for early evening drinks and dinner. The lounge will stay open for late night drinks and bites on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Complimentary valet parking will be available.

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