Noble Hospitality Group, the group behind Japanese concept Chotto Matte, Angus Steakhouse, Steak and Company and Alley Cats Pizza, is delighted to announce pivotal leadership changes and an ambitious roadmap for future expansion. In the wake of a highly successful year in 2023, marked by notable achievements, restaurant launches and innovations, Noble Hospitality Group is poised to elevate its presence even further.

In the past year, Noble Hospitality Group experienced a series of triumphs, cementing its position as a trailblazer in the hospitality industry. Digital innovation and menu enhancements at Angus Steakhouse and Steak and Company captivated diners, providing them with an elevated and seamless dining experience. Angus Steakhouse revenue grew by over 16% since the implementation of the new strategy, while Steak and Company group revenue is 6.3% higher. The overwhelmingly successful launch of Chotto Matte in San Francisco and the introduction of Alley Cats Pizza in London were standout moments, showcasing the group’s commitment to culinary excellence and diversity.

In tandem with these achievements, Noble Hospitality Group is pleased to announce key leadership changes that are poised to shape the group’s future:

Paul Sarlas as Chief Executive Officer for Noble Hospitality Group:

Paul Sarlas, with a distinguished 32-year career in the industry and a focus on CEO roles over the past ten years, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Noble Hospitality Group. His experience includes a tenure as Managing Director (MD) of Chotto Matte from 2018 to 2020 and his role as Managing Director for Steak and Company and Angus since January 2023. Sarlas’ significant contributions have been key in driving the success of these brands. His deep understanding of the company’s values and extensive experience in leading roles positions him ideally for the CEO role at Noble Hospitality Group.

Olivier Flamant as Global Managing Director for Chotto Matte Restaurants:

Noble Hospitality Group is excited to welcome Olivier Flamant as Chotto Matte’s global managing director. Flamant brings a wealth of leadership experience, having served as the CEO at Dogus Group and leading the global Coya brand, as well as CEO at Cool Inc, where he played an instrumental role in shaping and elevating a portfolio of 23 international F&B establishments. His diverse background also includes a significant stint as the F&B Director for the Americas at Melia Hotels. With a track record of successfully leading high-profile culinary ventures and driving innovation, Flamant’s dynamic leadership is set to propel Chotto Matte’s global growth strategy.

Kurt Zdesar, the founder of Chotto Matte, will continue to play an integral role in shaping the brand’s culinary vision, innovation, and strategy. As the visionary force behind Chotto Matte, Zdresar’s unwavering commitment to pushing culinary boundaries and delivering unparalleled dining experiences remains pivotal. His expertise and passion will serve as the driving force behind the brand’s identity, ensuring that Chotto Matte maintains its position as a trailblazer in Nikkei cuisine. Zdresar’s continued leadership underscores the seamless integration of his culinary vision with Flamant’s strategic direction, creating a dynamic partnership that promises to further elevate Chotto Matte on the global stage.

Continued Expansion and Focus

Noble Hospitality Group is entering a new phase of expansion and innovation, with a laser focus on each brand within its portfolio:

Alley Cats Pizza: The beloved Alley Cats Pizza brand, which launched in December 2023, has proven to be an immediate favourite in the Marylebone area. The brand is set to expand its portfolio and open new restaurants across London to cater to the growing demand for artisanal pizzas. The robust operational model allows for quick and efficient expansion, and the team has already set eyes on various locations around the city

Angus Steakhouse: With a commitment to quality and innovation, the iconic Angus Steakhouse will grow its presence with new stores featuring contemporary designs, ensuring a memorable dining experience for patrons. Having recently updated the menu with a higher focus on local produce as well as premium quality cuts, Angus Steakhouse will introduce a completely new design with its next new opening to reflect the evolution of the brand, followed by refurbishments of the current restaurants.

Steak and Company: A new chapter is on the horizon for Steak and Company, with plans for a forthcoming restaurant that promises to bring fresh energy and culinary delights to its dedicated patrons. The brand will continue to focus on seasonal specials and premium offering that is approachable to all, introducing an elevated design to its current and upcoming restaurants.

Chotto Matte: As the crown jewel of the group, Chotto Matte remains dedicated to its global growth plan, with a particular focus on international franchise openings such as Tbilisi and Riyadh. The brand will continue exploring franchising opportunities to expand its unique Nikkei cuisine globally as well as grow its portfolio in the USA and Europe, with the next openings in Manchester and Mila.

New Concepts: Noble Hospitality Group is excited to announce the continuous development of entirely new restaurant concepts, one of which will soon make its debut in London. This fresh addition to the portfolio promises to redefine the London dining landscape, providing patrons with more innovative and unforgettable dining experiences.

Noble Hospitality Group is poised for an exciting chapter, building on its successes and embracing new opportunities to create unparalleled dining experiences globally.

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