Jim Mimna

Highland Tap & Burger in Denver is one of the first to offer discounted rates to any guest who works in the service industry.

IndiCard in Action

They may earn tips, but servers, bartenders, and valets can easily be overlooked in a customer’s dine-out experience. As a way to give back to hardworking people in the service industry, a company called IndiCard has created an exclusive service-industry membership program, which provides service-industry professionals special offers at bars, restaurants, and other establishments.

IndiCard offers both a plastic membership card and a mobile application for iOS and Android. Those who use it can take advantage of exclusive industry offers or special discounts at a variety of local partners such as restaurants, gyms, and salons. For now, the program is available to workers in Denver and Chicago.

One of the first restaurants to partner with IndiCard is Highland Tap & Burger, located in Denver.

“First and foremost, it’s a great way to take care of the folks who work in the industry,” says Juan Padro, owner of the restaurant. “Many restaurants have some sort of industry discount program, but the reality is that most of the time [employee discounts] only cover an establishment’s own employees. This is a good way to reach all those in the industry.”

Through IndiCard, Highland Tap & Burger offers its service-industry guests a flat 20 percent off rate, and when management knows these professionals are present, they typically buy them a drink, as well. Padro sees it as a great way to connect and network with others.

You get to meet them, talk about where they work, and you get to reciprocate [by sending your employees to] their establishments,” he says. “We probably have about 50 guests a week that use this. It’s been a great thing and I can see it really taking off.”

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