Rational Earns Energy Star, Provides “Whitefficiency”

Rational, the global technology and market leader in hot food preparation, has joined EPA’s Energy Star program as an Energy Star partner.  Due to Rational’s focus on its holistic approach to sustainability, whitefficiency, its SelfCookingCenter units have earned the Energy Star.  Currently, Rational is only one of two combination oven manufacturers that is an Energy Star partner.   

“Being an Energy Star partner will open up new opportunities with those customers and projects that want and require Energy Star certification for their operations and for green building opportunities with LEED designations.  Our customers and consultants want to be environmentally friendly, and now with our being an Energy Star partner, they know they are or can be,” says Markus Glueck, president of Rational.

Rational sees efficiency as making the optimum use of all resources, whether it be time, energy, water, space, or raw materials - in other words, whitefficiency. Whitefficiency is an integrated approach that has been firmly established within Rational’s corporate philosophy from the onset. It underlines the sustainability by the way it operates: from development, to production, to operation in the kitchen, to the unique service, right through to the recycling of the used appliances.

Earning the Energy Star is one more step towards living up to its philosophy, whitefficiency.  “For many years, we have known the efficiency of our product.  This third party validation gives our claims credibility,” says Glueck. 

Compared to standard equipment, Energy Star certified combination ovens on average are roughly 30 percent more efficient.  This means that they have an estimated annual savings of $250 (gas models) and $700 (electric models), save roughly 28 MBTU per year or 7,121 kWh per year and have a lifetime savings of $2,500 (gas models) and $6,800 (electric models), which is based on 12-year life and 4 percent discount, and actual savings will vary depending on use.


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