Farming A Healthier Menu

Ramsi’s Café on the World

The husband-wife owners of Ramsi’s Café on the World have expanded their wholesome cuisine with the family’s flourishing organic farm.

As owners of Ramsi’s Café on the World, a Louisville, Kentucky, dining institution, Rhona and Ramsi Kamar know how to be successful restaurateurs—and now they are farmers as well.

“Back to the landers.” “Born-again farmers.” Whatever term you choose, many chefs and restaurant owners have taken to their shovels and ploughs to be one with the earth, taking the locavore concept one step further to have a more direct hand in the growth and production of the food they serve.

“For me, farming was a childhood dream because we were never able to afford the olive and fig trees many of our neighbors had,” Ramsi says. Buying a 15-acre plot of land outside Louisville 12 years ago helped fulfill that dream.

“Farming has given me a sense of purpose,” he says. “I come from a place where people are more connected to the land, and where the bond with land provides identity. Having soil to work with and a stream of water is a source of life. It has been beyond my wildest imagination to have these things.”

While Rhona runs the daily restaurant operations and develops the menu, Ramsi has turned much of his attention to the farm, tending the fields from early morning until night.

For Rhona, developing their Raising Hope Organic Farm has brought more meaning to her life. But what started as a “selfish” endeavor has turned into something they now do for their children and for their customers. “With the farm-to-table movement, it became apparent to us that this is becoming more important to people, and to our diners,” she says.

Feeding Diversity

Nestled in the heart of Louisville’s hip Highlands neighborhood, Ramsi’s Café on the World is known as a place where there’s “something for everyone.” With 200 seats, they serve a whopping 500 to 700 people a day with an expansive globally-inspired menu that showcases up to 120 scratch-made items, which has earned the restaurant praise for catering to a diverse group of diners from all walks of life.

Expanding their menu to offer more nutritional, healthy dishes and cater to vegans, vegetarians, lactose- and gluten-free diners alike was a natural step.


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