Healthy, sustainable, decadent—New Zealand farm-raised venison has all the attributes of a winning protein.

Venison is becoming more common on restaurant menus and is easy to purchase online direct from distributors. It has a delicate taste, is a nutritional powerhouse, and pairs well with flavors from many cuisines. 

“Venison is lower in fat than skinless boneless chicken and higher in protein than beef,” says Nick Taylor, venison marketing manager at NZ Venison. “There are so many wonderful ways to prepare it, which gives restaurant clientele more variety with exceptional taste.” 

One of venison’s most marketable qualities is its nutritional and health benefits. It is low in calories and saturated fat, high in protein, zinc, and iron, and a good source of B vitamins including B12, riboflavin, and niacin. 

NZ Venison is also an eco-friendly choice. Animals are grass-fed and humanely raised on clean, open free-range ranches by family farmers who take pride in producing a healthy, sustainable product. The natural fertility of New Zealand’s soil and climate, coupled with the extensive use of nitrogen-fixing clovers in pastures, provide much of the goodness necessary to grow pasture-raised venison here. The New Zealand venison industry also has an active program in place to mitigate the negative impacts of producing food—such as soil erosion, water use, and degraded water quality—by educating farmers and recognizing success in minimizing environmental impact. NZ Venison does not use any steroids or hormones on their animals. 

Because of consumer’s increased and growing interest in healthy, sustainable foods, chefs are branching out and using this versatile protein to differentiate their menus and offer diners something new. Taylor says, “Its ease of use, health benefits, and delicious taste will make it a valuable addition to any menu, and it pairs well with your favorite wines.” 

NZ Venison has a robust support system for chefs and operators who want to add venison to their menu options, but may not know where to start. A library of delectable dishes such as the Venison Pastrami Reuben Sandwich, Cured Venison Poke Bowl, and Braised Venison in Soy Sauce are just a few twists on old favorites. The company can also work directly with operators to develop signature menu items. 

For restaurant operators looking to shake up their repertoire, NZ Venison is a healthy, smart, and sustainable choice. For more information, visit

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