How one seafood provider delivers on consumers’ and operators’ needs with sustainable and traceable seafood.

According to the Food Industry Association’s 2023 “Power of Seafood” report, 70 percent of consumers buy seafood because they view it as a sustainable food source. Partnering with the right seafood supplier is paramount to delivering quality and consistency to consumers. A restaurant needs to consider the freshness, consistency, and values of the seafood supplier it is working with in order to deliver the best dining experience it can to customers.

Chef Charlie Baggs has owned and operated his own culinary innovations company for more than 25 years. Baggs is careful about what brands he partners with because of his years of experience within the seafood industry. Furthermore, Baggs strives to serve his customers with sustainable and traceable seafood, and he also believes Northern Wind’s values align with his by making sure consumers will have sustainable populations of seafood for generations to come.

Northern Wind aims to provide “Seafood With Integrity” according to the brand’s website. This means the company purchases seafood from fishermen who practice sustainable fishing and harvesting practices with everything from Scallops, Ahi Tuna and MSC Certified North Atlantic Lobster. According to a study by the ASC-AQUA organization, 64 percent of consumers want to fight climate change through their food choices.

Sixty-nine percent of consumers prefer supporting seafood companies that prioritize the treatment of their workers, according to the study by ASC-AQUA. “As a chef, one of the qualities that is most important to me is the relationships they have with their fishermen,” Baggs says. “Northern Wind has been working with these fishermen for over 30 years which speaks volumes about their integrity and their relationships they have built overtime across the entire seafood industry.”

While it is true consumers are concerned with social factors like sustainability, transparency, and fair treatment of workers, consumers’ utmost concern with seafood is still quality. “Northern Wind provides very consistent quality,” Baggs says. “Captain’s Call, in particular, is one of the brands I like, and it’s the brand most recognized by restaurants.”

Northern Wind also provides transparency with its seafood. Every bag of scallops has a lot number which can be entered into a tracking form on Northern Winds website, which allows customers to search where their scallops were harvested from. Transparency is a growing concern for consumers as they want to know where their seafood is coming from and how it ended up on their plates. As consumers become more aware of sustainability practices, they have begun to hold seafood companies accountable for their fishing practices.

Northern Wind seeks to lead the seafood industry through innovation as it pursues high standards of quality, consistency, transparency, and sustainability. Northern Wind implements these standards across its four brands: Five Star Premium Scallops, Captain’s Call Scallops, Mariner’s Choice Scallops, and Sea Spray Scallops. By holding to these standards, it provides quality seafood to consumers and operators alike.

“‘Seafood With Integrity’ is not simply a tagline. It’s a long-term business philosophy that drives and guides our marketing and communications across all of our products,” says Ken Melanson, founder and chairman of Northern Wind. “We want our customers and our industry to join us on our quest to deliver ‘Seafood With Integrity.’”

For more information, visit Northern Winds website.

By Ya’el McLoud

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