For restaurant operators, safely collecting data at the point of sale and leveraging that data for increased profitability are vital for competing in today’s restaurant landscape. Together Custom Business Solutions’ NorthStar Order Entry and Restaurant Magic’s Data Central offer a superior cloud-based management solution to deliver the needed security and analytics to help restaurant operators of all service models.

NorthStar Order Entry, the original iPad ordering system, safely manages guest transactions with the added benefit of collecting robust check details. Data Central’s real time back end analytics leverage that data to give the operator a clear picture of their business and areas of opportunity. Both systems are easy to install, easy to learn and promote service improvements.

"On a stand alone basis, our systems offer a quality solution, yet together the analytical data provide restaurant operators with a real capacity for increased profitability," said Drew Peloubet, CEO of Restaurant Magic.

The two companies joined forces for a system-wide POS implementation at The Melting Pot, which recently completed a successful test that yielded solid results.

"Working together, our two systems are providing a greater level of detail and insight. That detail has allowed companies like The Melting Pot to achieve a greater understanding of their business to drive greater profitability," said Art Julian, CEO of Custom Business Solutions.

Key intersection points for the two solutions include:

  • With its modern software architecture, NorthStar provides for a much tighter integration and seamless transport of data to Data Central, maximizing the amount of information within a more comprehensible and convenient system for the operator.
  • NorthStar's emphasis on mobility complements the advanced mobile capabilities of Data Central. With intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities, NorthStar provides ease of use for staff-facing POS ordering systems, guest-facing ordering at their table, Kiosk ordering systems, web and online ordering and wireless mobile ordering.
  • Data Central and NorthStar are flexible and proficient within quick-serve, casual and full service concepts. With Data Central’s 360-degree view of the organization and NorthStar’s real-time information, restaurants can see inventories in real time as well product sales mix and purchasing needs. All of this improves enterprise reporting and cash management.

About Custom Business Solutions, Inc.
Since 1994, the advanced software solutions offered by Custom Business Solutions have helped numerous hospitality professionals to operate their businesses more profitably. Restaurant operators and their guests have benefited from CBS's NorthStar suite of products that enhance the dining experiences. CBS also offers a range of support services such as after-hours help desk capabilities. Custom Business Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Irvine, CA with offices throughout the Western United States. For more information, visit

About Restaurant Magic
Restaurant Magic Software has been a leader in delivering enterprise systems and customer service to the hospitality industry since 1989. With Restaurant Magic’s Data Central, multi-unit operations receive the right information in the right hands at the right time to drive better decision-making. Data Central offers Enterprise Reporting, Purchasing, Inventory, Labor Management, and Recipe Management, while seamlessly integrating with other key systems and suppliers. Additionally, Data Central’s Business Analyzer leverages OLAP to offer unrivaled understanding of key business metrics. For more information, visit

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