Finding the right proteins is a crucial step in creating craveable dishes.

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever, and they settle for nothing less than top-quality ingredients. Proteins are especially under scrutiny as the stars of many dishes. Whether a restaurant serves traditional American cuisine or embraces industry-wide trends, such as ethnic flavors, finding the right protein base is a crucial step in getting a meal right.

And as consumers pay more attention to the sources of ingredients and their nutritional quality, it’s important to find trustworthy vendor partners that can help chefs and operators create delectable dishes that their customers will crave. These suppliers can help you accomplish your operational goals while creating high-quality food.

Smithfield Foodservice

1. Smithfield DURoC Pork

Hand-selected cuts from the top 2 percent of all Smithfield pork produced, DURoC uses superior harvesting methods to help optimize tenderness, flavor, and juiciness in every bite. Simply the very best of the best, Smithfield DURoc Pork has become a menu standout the world over and delivers a memorable guest experience every time. “DURoC pork offers versatility and more intense flavor,” says Chef Frank Dominguez of Smithfield. “It’s highly favored by today’s chefs as they create both rustic and sophisticated dishes, so that the best pork reaches their guests’ plates.”

Jones Dairy Farm

2. Jones Dairy Farm

When it comes to great-tasting, all-natural breakfast sausage, Jones has led the way for more than 128 years. One of the company’s latest products is its Four Pepper Chicken Sausage. It delivers all of the flavor of pork sausage, with a clean label—no binders, fillers, or MSG. Plus it’s Certified Gluten-Free. “It’s a pork alternative that lives up to my family’s original sausage recipe,” says Philip Jones, the company’s sixth generation president.

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