This ocean-raised sashimi-grade fish high in Omega 3s is now available.

A next-generation seafood company is leveraging robotics and other technologies to raise fish in off-shore enclosures to produce fresh nutritious seafood that can be used in a versatile array of applications. That company is Virginia-based Forever Oceans, founded with the mission of providing operators a reliable source of sustainable and delicious seafood.

“We’ve developed a game-changing process for protecting our oceans while efficiently raising fish that are contaminant-free and high in omega-3s,” says Monica San Miguel, chief brand officer at Forever Oceans. “Our decade-long trek toward a scalable technology solution is driven by robots that nurture the fish and help us to remotely monitor their health from scores of ocean enclosures around the globe.”

Forever Oceans is branding its product Kahala™, a term that means “Cherished Land” in Hawaiian but is also the local name for an amberjack or longfin yellow tail (scientific name: Seriola Rivoliana). The Hawaiian connection to Forever Oceans came from its research operation off the Kona Coast. The company has expanded its process on a broader scale with enclosures off the coasts of Panama, Brazil, and Indonesia.

“We’re bringing a sashimi-grade, light, flaky fish to market, and we believe it’s at a perfect time for restaurants,” San Miguel says. “By menuing Kahala, operators can bolster their brand by offering a sustainably delicious fish that is high in omega-3s and contaminant free.” A new consumer survey conducted by independent researcher, Package Insight, supports San Miguel’s claims.

San Miguel says that the top three priorities for operators when selecting a fish to menu are that the product is fresh, flavorful, and contamination-free, further stating that Forever Oceans Kahala meets all of those criteria.

Forever Oceans is also educating chefs and operators on the benefits of adding Kahala to their next menu. “We have built a powerful alliance of 40 chef influencers to help restaurants be successful,” says Mark Allison, the company’s executive chef. “I’ve never found a more consistently delicious fish that can be prepared in so many different ways—our influencers agree and are eager to add Kahala to their own menus.”

A longtime advocate of sustainable seafood, Chef Rick Moonen is one of those influencers. He is also the host of Forever Oceans’ Ocean-Raised Podcast, which includes episodes featuring notable culinary legends ranging from Jose Andres, Andrew Zimmern, Rick Bayless, David Burke, Jacques Pépin, Emeril Lagasse, and Jasper White. With the backing of those personalities, Forever Oceans has also assembled a variety of dishes that can be used on restaurant menus in a new recipe book that can be found on its website.

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