With diners looking for culinary excitement and adventure, globally inspired foods have been trending upward. Especially popular of late are foods created from distinct peppers that consumers have never been more educated about.

According to Datassential, menu penetration of ancho peppers has grown 23 percent over the past four years. Guajillo peppers are among the top 10 fastest-growing peppers, and the beloved chipotle is the second most popular spicy pepper after jalapeños.

TRES COCINAS™ has three new turnkey pepper pastes that make it easier than ever to deliver the bold, authentic flavors that diners are looking for: Ancho & Pasilla, Guajillo, and Chipotle With Adobo. These pastes were created with chefs in mind, as they come in squeezable foodservice packaging that makes them easy to add to any sauce, marinade, soup, cocktail, or even dessert.

Chefs have used the Ancho & Pasilla pepper paste to add flavor to a mayo used on a fried chicken sandwich or to create a roasted vegetable salsa to serve with the chips. The Guajillo pepper paste has been successfully used in applications like Glazed Pork Ribs or Birria Beef Tacos. Finally, the Chipotle With Adobo pepper paste has displayed its versatility on anything from a chicken flatbread pizza to a spicy-sweet take on brownies a la mode.

The pepper pastes are made with simple ingredients that chefs and diners will recognize and can help add distinct flavor to an endless amount of dishes.

“This new brand fully aligns with our purpose to reimagine Mexican flavors in both foodservice  and retail,” says Ryan Michaelis, president and CEO at MegaMex Foods. “These pepper pastes were created to bring incredible flavor, authenticity, convenience, and menu-wide versatility to restaurant kitchens everywhere.”


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