World Select Cuts is proud to announce the launch of its handcrafted, premium charcuterie featuring pasture-raised Australian lamb: Aussie Select.

Aussie Select is the only bona fide Australian lamb charcuterie brand available to foodservice operators in the U.S. “These are great products. They are impressive and unique,” says Shane Schaibly, vice president of culinary strategy and corporate chef at First Watch Restaurants. “The team members I’ve shared them with all have the same feedback: ‘Where can I buy this?’”

The brand draws on centuries of tradition and expert craftsmanship to produce specialty meats that command attention for their on-trend flavors and high quality.

The Aussie Select product lineup currently includes Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham, Lamb Pastrami, and Tikka Masala Lamb Ham.

The Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham is made with 100 percent pure agave syrup and fragrant fresh rosemary with subtle notes of nutmeg, fennel, and garlic.

“I had a toasted and buttered French baguette with cornichon and shaved Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham, and I’m doing it again today—so darn delicious,” says Olivier Gaupin, director of culinary operations Benchmark—a Global Hospitality Company.

The Lamb Pastrami is seasoned with traditional deli flavors like coarse ground black pepper, yielding a pleasant peppercorn bit with a tender texture. Matt McMillin, vice president of culinary and beverage innovation for Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants, sees it playing well on his menu. “We make this herb-feta cream sauce, and I would use that for a spread or dip on the Lamb Pastrami all day long.”

The Tikka Masala Lamb Ham has a warm toasted flavor profile of classic Masala, balancing cumin, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg in a robust rub.

Each product is fully cooked and available in two-pound whole-muscle pieces. They include no artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors and have a 120-day refrigerated shelf life.

Aussie Select lends to premium positioning and also plays well on trend-forward menu items: shaved and layered on wood-fired pizzas, lamb burgers, or breakfast sandwiches, for example.

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