With takeout and delivery heating up, a new product—and cause—is getting operators' attention. 

As the COVID crisis continues to drive consumers toward drive-thru, take-out, and delivery, Red Gold is ready with solutions that fit today’s operator needs. A new partnership between Red Gold and the Folds of Honor Foundation is offering new portion control and bottled ketchup options to serve dine-in and take-out customers while demonstrating support for an important cause honoring US military heroes.

Today, there are more than one million disabled and fallen military service members. Additionally, nearly two million military dependents have been adversely affected by war. The Folds of Honor Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to provide educational scholarships for the spouses and children our active duty heroes left behind in the pursuit to protect our American freedoms.

Red Gold has partnered with Folds of Honor by creating a ketchup with a cause. A portion of the proceeds from the portion control or bottle Folds of Honor ketchup goes directly to the Folds of Honor organization. The nonprofit has provided approximately 24,500 education scholarships to date, equaling more than $18 million. It is also putting 89 percent of every dollar raised directly into a sponsorship.

“Our company was formed in 1942 to help the feed the US troops during WWII,” says Colt Reichart, director of marketing for Red Gold and fourth-generation family owner of Red Gold. “Giving back to our fallen heroes is our way of helping families who have been directly impacted from their service to our country.”

Ben Leslie, executive vice president of Folds of Honor says, “I know the family ownership of Red Gold and its employees are strong supporters of the men and women of our military and their families. By adding the new ketchup cup to its line of Folds of Honor Ketchup, Red Gold proves its desire to provide scholarships for the families we serve. Now, consumers will be taking those Folds of Honor cups home when they order take-out or have their food delivered.”

The National Conference of State Legislatures reports there are nearly 19 million service veterans in the U.S., while 2019 data from Gallup reports there are over 240 million Americans who say that they greatly or strongly support the U.S. military.

“Our Red Gold Folds of Honor Ketchup is truly a ketchup with a cause,” explains David Halt, vice president of foodservice for Red Gold. “The COVID crisis has created many challenges to foodservice operators and has made their customers more focused on helping those in need. Serving Red Gold Folds of Honor ketchup is a way for operators to send a message that they are standing for an important cause even while their business recovers from the pandemic.”

The distinctive Folds of Honor folded flag is logo emblazoned on the new 9-gram portion control packets, 1-oz. dipping cups as well as 14 and 20-oz. plastic ketchup offerings from Red Gold. Halt says, “I invite any foodservice operator to consider this new opportunity to help so many families of our military heroes.”

Operators can learn more about Red Gold’s Folds of Honor ketchup and order a free sample by visiting this website

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