BoomerJack’s Grill, a 16-unit concept in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, recently elevated a popular LTO to the main menu: The Wagyu. The burger was designed by Grant Morgan, concept chef at BoomerJack’s, and features a Wagyu patty, black pepper mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and Price*s Original Sweet & Tangy Pimiento Cheese Spread.

When building the LTO, Morgan had a set of considerations that are increasingly factored into every chef’s calculus. “You want to be innovative without overcomplicating things,” Morgan says. “That requires products that are reliably priced, readily available, and won’t make food costs skyrocket. And, at the end of the day, you still have to make sure people are gonna love it.”

In searching for the right pimiento cheese to go with The Wagyu, Morgan had a feeling he’d end up with a tried-and-true favorite: Price*s Original Sweet & Tangy Pimiento Cheese Spread, made by Bel Brands USA. Still, he did his due diligence and sampled several other products.

“Price*s remains by far the best prepared pimiento cheese spread you can find out there,” Morgan says. “It’s very rich—you can really taste the high-quality shredded cheese they use. In other products, the sharpness of the cheese tends to get lost.”

Now that the Wagyu Burger has been elevated to the BoomerJack’s main menu, Morgan’s next mission is coming up with places where Price*s can be cross-utilized. Owing to Price*s versatility, Morgan sees many possibilities: a cheese board? Pimiento fries? One thing he’s certain of: The team at Bel Brands USA will assist in any way it can.

“They are seriously so incredible to work with,” Morgan says. “A lot of companies say, ‘Sure, we’ll get you that product,’ and a week goes by and you’re still waiting on it. Bel is so great about shipping their stuff on time, in great packaging, and working with chefs.”

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