Say goodbye to the headaches of managing equipment maintenance and repairs.

They’re every restaurant manager’s nightmare: equipment breakdowns. A broken cooler, freezer, or beverage machine can cost an operator thousands of dollars in lost sales and inventory, plus the cost of repair or replacement. And, preventive maintenance is yet another necessary evil that demands attention.

Now, operators can take the tiresome task of finding and managing maintenance and repair vendors off their to-do lists. Here, Daniel Estrada, CEO of 86 Repairs, explains how and why many quick-serve operators are moving to a more modern maintenance solution.

Why do restaurant operators need help with maintenance and repairs?

When restaurant equipment breaks down—as it inevitably will—frontline staff may not have time to stop what they’re doing, contact vendors, compare prices and availability, and wait for someone to show up.

86 Repairs is a simple concept. When something breaks, you send us a text message, and we manage the end-to-end process of getting it fixed. For a monthly fee, the company manages all repairs and preventive maintenance, from hood cleaning and grease trap removal to HVAC system maintenance, plumbing, drive-thru systems, electrical, and more. We don’t just give operators another tool to manage—we manage tasks proactively on their behalf and own the process until it’s resolved.

What if it’s a minor issue? Do restaurants still need to wait for a vendor to come out?

If possible, we help troubleshoot the issue to avoid the cost of an unnecessary service visit. We don’t make any money from service companies—there are no referral fees or markups. Because of that, our incentives are aligned with the customer’s. Our customer success managers are able to successfully troubleshoot one in five incidents.

How does 86 Repairs differ from other maintenance and repair services?

The last thing most operators want is another piece of software to manage. General managers, line cooks, and other staff who identify and report issues want to communicate on their terms. So instead of building an application where customers submit requests solely through an app, we use a variety of more accessible channels. Frontline staff can communicate via text, Slack, WhatsApp, email, or by submitting a request through the 86 Repairs Portal—that is what makes our solution stand out.

How does 86 Repairs help with labor issues and staff retention?

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen a shift in focus on how the operation affects the employee, and not just the other way around. Operators are trying to do more with less, and part of that is empowering their teams to manage their responsibilities more effectively and efficiently. Removing maintenance and repairs from managers’ plates allows them to focus their energy where it really matters—on customer service and meeting the company’s growth goals.

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