How digitizing what used to be done on paper saved Boston Pizza hours of labor per week. 

Boston Pizza, the Canadian casual dining chain with nearly 400 units across North America, was one of the many restaurant brands that dealt with the challenges of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. With fewer team members but facing the same day-to-day challenges as always, one of the areas that the company was able to create efficiencies was in revisiting how site visit data was compiled and evaluated. 

Boston Pizza accomplished that by partnering with MeazureUp, a company with two digital solutions—DailyChex and AuditApp—that help operators and C-suite executives manage brand oversight by providing fresh and easy-to-digest insights into how stores are performing. 

According to Cory Goddard, director of operational systems at Boston Pizza, prior to making the switch to MeazureUp, her brand’s field operations managers were spending a lot of time manually going over checklists. Goddard and her team were then responsible for crunching the numbers in those checklists and turning them into actionable data. 

“It was difficult and time consuming,” Goddard says of compiling and analyzing the data. “It was also challenging to get good insights because we were having trouble running the numbers on the backend to figure out what was—or wasn’t—working in terms of performance.” 

AuditApp helps digitize what used to be done on paper, as regional managers can input data straight into a mobile device when they are on site visits. The app aggregates the data and helps automate the process of identifying inconsistencies from store to store. The inconsistencies might be something as simple as fries being oversalted, or as cost intensive as a piece of equipment having issues producing food to spec because it is malfunctioning or broken.  

The app also helps create action plans and track whether or not they are being followed. Most of all, it gives brand leadership more transparency into what is going on at each store, and helps save time that was previously spent reading handwritten reports. 

“MeazureUp saves a ton of time, which was especially helpful when our staff shrunk some in 2020 due to the pandemic,” Goddard says. “People were doing more work and yet we were covering the same amount of restaurants. Using AuditApp helped us save money at a time when we needed to, but it also just allowed more efficiency in assessments that we use at the corporate level.” 

MeazureUp can help brands like Boston Pizza onboard to AuditApp quickly to ensure no time is lost in making the switch. MeazureUp also gives continued support to make sure each client is getting the most out of the app. 

“The biggest thing for us is that we work quickly to make sure you’re up and running and the system is working for you,” says Ray Abramson, chief operating officer at MeazureUp. “Our goal is to give brands the best, most relevant information possible so that they can use those actionable insights to make their organization better. The more people in your ecosystem who are interacting with the information, the better.” 

Goddard echoes this, saying that of all the vendors she has worked with over the years, MeazureUp ranks highly in terms of the customer service that they give. They are true business partners, she reports, and that has helped a great deal since they made the switch from paper to digital checklists. 

“The support team at MeazureUp has been really great,” Goddard says. “They go above and beyond in terms of their responsiveness. They are always willing to help out and support us if anything needs to be corrected. They’ll jump on a call at a moment’s notice if we need them. They are young and hungry to create business relationships, and support and service are the quickest ways to build up some great credentials.” 

For more on digitizing your site visit checklists, visit the MeazureUp website

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