New one-stop solutions are sparking beverage innovation across dayparts.

For years, an Eggsquisite Café location in Allen, Texas, has offered cold brew and nitro cold brew, capitalizing on a popular trend. In fact, Datassential reports that cold brew has grown on menus 166 percent over the past four years, while nitro cold brew has increased 678 percent during that same time frame.

Operators like Eggsquisite Café owner Nikki Sadiku are finding that, best of all, the thirst for cold brew and nitro cold brew knows no daypart boundaries. The endless versatility of the smooth, richly flavored beverages work on both breakfast and lunch menus—or even with dinner and dessert. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the National Coffee Association reports that cold brew is the fastest-growing coffee segment, with about one in five Americans under the age of 40 drinking cold brew daily.

Because cold brew and nitro cold brew previously required kegs and gas lines, Sadiku admits that sometimes it could be challenging to find space for the program, as well as time to maintain a draft set up. More recently, Sadiku found a helpful solution: NitroTap, one of the many turnkey solutions offered by Segafredo Zanetti®, which dispenses both regular and nitro cold brew without a keg or gas service.

That type of operational ease has made it easier to innovate on the beverage menu and continually surprise and delight guests. Now Sadiku and her team have a labor-saving solution that drives innovation and incremental revenue—the best of all worlds.

“Food costs have gone up, everything has gone up,” Sadiku says. “We have to make sure we meet our margins and keep our guests happy. Our coffee program—with cold brew and nitro cold brew—is a great way to accomplish both of those things, and it’s never been as easy as it is now, with the Segafredo NitroTap.”

Restaurants like Eggsquisite Café can now easily offer creative innovations, like Blackberry Lavender Cold Brew Fizz, Caramel Coconut Cold Brew, or a seasonally appropriate Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew, for example. Drink recipes are offered by Segafredo Zanetti to help spark innovation into their partners’ beverage program.

“It’s important for operators to be able to create innovative beverages without a lot of complexity,” says Kristen Impastato, marketing director at Segafredo Zanetti. “In addition to premium, ready-to-drink cold brew, we offer cold brew equipment solutions that allow foodservice operations of any size to capitalize on the nitro cold brew trend, with NitroTap, NitroTap X, and NitroBox.”

Sadiku and her team use NitroTap to help churn out cold brew lattes with signature latte art as a way to entice their guests. She emphasizes that the NitroTap is an all-around win, as it delivers on both taste and operational advantages.

“I’ve used other brands in the past, and Segafredo cold brew coffee tastes so much better,” Sadiku says. “And the presentation of NitroTap—it takes up less room and looks amazing, too. You can’t beat that.”

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