These specialty cheeses can elevate your menu and drive sales.

Cheese is a staple of the culinary world, and for good reason—its uses are virtually unlimited. This simple ingredient can be used to create savory comfort classics, to add a classy touch to final products, or to stand alone in an appetizer tray or as a light, yet satisfying dessert.

By offering specialty cheeses, restaurants can satisfy consumer cravings and create premium twists on classics that will delight guests. When serving the right products, cheese can be a powerful sales driver and a significant point of differentiation.

These vendors supply high-quality cheeses and can be essential partners in the development of unique menu items.

1. Emmi Roth

Are you looking for a better melting cheese? Roth Natural Melt Creamy Fontina from Emmi Roth is the answer. Inspired by chefs and made with only pasteurized cultured milk, enzymes, and salt, Natural Melt Creamy Fontina is made to melt—naturally. “Natural Melt was made for foodservice operators who seek a clean label,” says Kerry Olson, vice president of foodservice sales at Emmi Roth. “It brings a velvety, smooth, natural finish to a wide range of applications.”

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2. Saputo

Saputo has the right cheese for your menu. Our passion and old world craftsmanship sets our cheeses apart, from everyday to premium; aged to fresh; specialty to imported. Every cheese is crafted to enhance your menu and boost the bottom line.


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3. Caputo Cheese

From Fresh Mozzarella, Asiago, and Parmesan, to Burrata, Ricotta, Pecorino Romano, and more, Caputo offers the authentic Italian cheese you need to create menu distinction. With an enduring passion for the craft, we work with you to create perfect customized cheese solutions that deliver exceptional eating experiences to your guests. Discover our distinctive difference.

Cheese has long reigned as a must on menus, and today’s consumers expect exciting varieties on menus. Satisfy their cravings with the help of these partners.

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