Sauces are a cost-effective way to differentiate your menu with craveable offerings.

With so many options on the market, however, finding the right high quality sauces for your menu can be a challenge. This is why it is vital to find the best foodservice partners to help you create a bold menu and drive profits.

Whether you’re interested in capitalizing on the global flavor trend or in clean labels, health, and environmental sustainability, there are sauces available to meet your restaurant’s needs. Below are two resources that offer high-quality products as well the insight you need to ensure your menu stands out and keeps guests coming back for more.

Marzetti Foodservice

1. Marzetti Foodservice

Consumers are increasingly choosing clean label products, with many willing to pay more for a brand that offers complete transparency. Marzetti Foodservice has responded by launching a new line of dressings—six delicious flavors made with simply better ingredients. “We’re proud to offer a product that’s free of gluten, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and artificial flavors,” says Lee Halmagy, director of brand marketing.

Litehouse Inc

2. Litehouse Inc.

Litehouse Inc., an international food manufacturer and industry leader of refrigerated dressings, sauces, dips, herbs, and cheese, offers a complete business solution for its customers. “At Litehouse we strive to provide our customers with the freshest innovation to an ever changing marketplace. This includes a commitment to removing any unnecessary ingredients, such as artificial preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and high fructose corn syrup,” says Brent Carr, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Changing your menu is a great way to keep consumers interested in your products and to stand out from the competition. High-quality sauces allow you to do that in an easy, cost-effective way that will elevate your menu.

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