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Omelette Petit Trois featuring Boursin® Cracked Black Pepper Cheese from L’Original Petit Trois. 

On the Menu: Omelette Petit Trois

“Growing up, Boursin was a cheese we ate with meat, with salad, with a piece of bread,” says master chef Ludo Lefebvre, owner of L’Original Petit Trois and Petit Trois le Valley. “My mom always had Boursin in the fridge, and when she roasted a chicken she would put Boursin in between the skin and the meat—it was so good.”

Lefebvre is one of the many French chefs who have a sense of nostalgia surrounding Boursin Cheese. It’s that connection which led to one of his most famous menu items: the Omelette Petit Trois, featuring eggs, butter, chives, and of course, Boursin Cracked Black Pepper Cheese.

“I wanted something approachable and firmer than gruyere, so I chose Boursin.”

“In France, everybody buys Boursin Cheese,” Lefebvre says. “Do you know why? Because it’s so good. When I created this omelet I wanted to use a French cheese. I wanted something approachable and firmer than gruyere, so I chose Boursin. I love the way the cheese melts in the omelet and gives it a great texture.”

Lefebvre says he uses Boursin Cracked Black Pepper Cheese because of the “almost spicy, garlicky flavor,” but notes that he likes using different types of Boursin in various applications. It’s a cheese that has great versatility, Lefebvre says, reeling off a list of items he makes in his kitchens or around the house.

“I go back to that roasted chicken my mother made growing up or the sandwiches I make now for my children with Boursin,” Lefebvre says. “You can put it on a salad, eat it for lunch with a snack, or add a touch of Boursin to your mashed potatoes. It’s fantastic in a creamy sauce on a steak, or in mac and cheese—when you start thinking about it, there’s really a lot of things you can do with Boursin.”

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