How to Save Money While Making Your Restaurant Cleaner

This simple strategy helps restaurants combat two of the biggest issues amid the pandemic.

After months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some states and cities are allowing businesses to reopen. For full-service restaurants, which largely rely on in-house dining, this return to a more traditional operational model is welcome. Yet while there is still uncertainty about how the industry will operate in the second half of the year, the one thing leaders know for sure is thatjust like in the pastcleanliness will remain a top-of-mind concern whatever business looks like in the months to come.

Even before the pandemic, cleanliness was a critical component of the guest experience. In November 2017, Ipsos partnered with P&G Professional to determine the impact cleanliness had on customers’ perceptions of a brand. In the study, 92 percent of respondents said the cleanliness of a business was an important factor in whether or not they would be a repeat customer. Meanwhile, 92 percent said that if a restaurant was noticeably clean they would be more likely to recommend it to their friends.

Now during the pandemic, however, customers are scrutinizing cleanliness more than ever, and the stakes for restaurants are even higher. This makes it crucial for restaurants to keep things clean in order to not only satisfy customers, but also to keep their business going. As a result, it’s critical for restaurant leaders to assess the quality of the cleaning products they use. Choosing cleaning products that are well-known for their effectiveness against grease, such as Dawn Professional Dish Detergent, can help restaurants look and feel cleaner.

Additionally, a multi-use product like Dawn Professional Dish Detergent can also help restaurants manage their budgets.
Because Dawn Professional Dish Detergent can be used as a surface cleaner and degreaser in both the front and back of house, as well as for dishwashing, restaurants can save on cleaning products by investing in a single cleaner that can be used in many places. Plus, Dawn Professional Dish Detergent is concentrated so that suds last longer for more loads and dishes, and one gallon-sized bottle is the equivalent of 640 gallons of other dish solution. Though safety and cleanliness remain top challenges for restaurants, reduced foot traffic and mass layoffs due to COVID-19 have dramatically impacted restaurant earnings, so it’s crucial for restaurants to find ways to improve the ROI of every product they use.

To further enhance budgetary benefits, restaurants can purchase Dawn Professional Dish Detergent through Sam’s Club at significant cost savings.

During this unprecedented global crisis, restaurants must find ways to keep their spaces clean while keeping an eye on the budget. Purchasing Dawn Professional Dish Detergent from Sam’s Club can help restaurants manage these competing priorities in one cost-effective bottle.

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