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The Best Way To Get Indulgent, Flaky Croissants

Labor challenges shouldn’t be cramping your baked-goods game.

The labor crisis has left many operations short on kitchen staff, making it difficult to execute a wide range of items on a high level. Take a croissant, for example—an item that, according to Datassential, now enjoys a spot on nearly 10 percent of industry menus. Croissants require precision throughout the baking process to ensure a flaky, indulgent product, and a lack of labor can make that tough to pull off.

“With the current staffing shortages, operators don’t always have trained staff available for every station,” says Sonja Kehr, a member of Chefs of the Mills whose role includes testing product performance.  “Traditional proof-and-bake croissants can take hours and require the skilled judgement of when they are proofed enough to bake.”

Here, Kehr explains how a new line of Pillsbury Freezer-to-Oven (FTO) Croissants helps kitchens create a quality, consistent product.

FSR: How does Pillsbury’s Freezer-to-oven-Croissant compare to a fresh-baked croissant?

SK: “Oh, but Pillsbury’s FTO Croissant is a fresh-baked croissant. In fact, it can be baked on-demand so that restaurants can have fresh croissants all day, any time, without all the hassle of thawing and proofing. It provides chewy, beautiful interior layers and flaky, golden exterior layers with an exceptional buttery flavor.”

FSR: What are some of your favorite croissant applications?

SK: “First of all, you can see a wide range of recipes and applications at our website,

A few favorites that stand out include Upscale BLT Croissants. The big, bold, flaky nature of the Pillsbury 3.7-ounce FTO Croissants gives this item a great plate presence that can be used at the center of a sandwich plate or as an entree.

I love the Strawberries and Cream Croissants recipe, made with Pillsbury 1.2-ounce FTO Croissants. This is a super easy dish that’s great as either an appetizer or a dessert. I also really like our Irish Chocolate Truffle Bread Pudding—croissants are already indulgent, but why not kick that up a notch and use any leftovers in a truffle-like upscale dessert?”

FSR: Is there anything else our readers should know?

SK: “You really need to try these to fully understand how delicious they are. The buttery aroma travels while they are baking, and that really draws people in and increases the anticipation. Go ahead and try a case—there are several sizes to choose from so they are easy to plug into your menu. From appetizers, to entrées, to desserts, or just à la carte—enjoy!”

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