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JIFFY Foodservice

Baking In a JIFFY

Complete mixes promise ease, dependability, and quality.

Operators know all too well that magic solutions to restaurant crises don’t exist. But JIFFY’s simple, stable mixes might be the closest thing to magic for kitchen success.

“You hear JIFFY and you think cornbread,” says Jessica Tomlinson, director of culinary for Florida-based craft burger and beer chain, Ford’s Garage. “But they have several easy bases, and I’m impressed with the depth and the versatility of all of them.”

Ford’s Garage uses different JIFFY bases for a variety of applications, from sweet, fresh corn kernel muffins, to rich biscuits and gravy brunch special and sweet biscuit base for strawberry shortcake. The brand has 16 units across three states, and Tomlinson says JIFFY’s mixes help maintain the quality of the Ford’s menu as the brand grows.

For JIFFY’s cornbread, buttermilk biscuits, creme cakes, and more, all operators have to do is select their base, add water, throw in any personalized ingredients, and bake.

“The products save a lot of time,” Tomlinson says. “Where, if not using JIFFY, you would have lots of other dry ingredients such as flour or baking powder—lots of variables—it’s only one product.”

Noah Saleh, owner and pitmaster of Michigan halal barbecue joint Noah’s Smokehouse, calls cornbread a “main fixin’” for barbecue. When sampling a variety of cornbread mixes to pair with his Middle Eastern-inspired smoked meats, JIFFY was the clear winner. Saleh also points to the product as a streamlining force in his kitchen; since its only required ingredient is water, Saleh says it frees up space in his pantry and walk-in cooler and saves money on other ingredients.

But there are additional advantages to the product’s simplicity that are particularly salient as operators continue to grapple with some of the industry challenges worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. As labor remains tight, JIFFY’s uncomplicated prep frees up staff to focus on other back-of-house tasks. Requiring limited training, the mixes allow new staff to whip up delicious products with little assistance

“There are clear instructions on every (JIFFY) portion bag,” Saleh says. “It doesn’t get any easier than just adding a specific amount of water. Since JIFFY products conserve time, this allows our prep cooks to move on to the next job while keeping labor costs low.”

Meanwhile, pandemic-related supply shortages have affected a wide range of ingredients, like flour, which is needed for baked goods. As the pandemic continues, it’s important that operators prepare their menus for an ever-shifting roster of ingredient shortages, and JIFFY could be one antidote.

Tomlinson says that, while her operation has experienced heavy shortages with other ingredients, JIFFY has remained consistent. Saleh reports the same. He buys 5-pound bags of JIFFY Sweet Cornbread and Muffin mix, enabling him to mix up exactly what is needed for one day of business without supply interruptions.

“During the pandemic there was a worldwide shortage of supplies,” he says. “JIFFY maintained its supply and kept up with market demand. JIFFY has their products down to a science.”

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