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Angry Crab Shack Fills Unique Niche in Franchising Space

The brand believes it has a dining and franchising experience like no other. 

When Angry Crab Shack President Andy Diamond describes the dining experience at the brand’s restaurants, the word that comes up over and over is “fun.” In fact, just about anybody who is associated with the seafood concept brings up how the guest experience at Angry Crab Shack simply hits different than your average restaurant. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party, a girl’s night out or a date night, guests enjoy a unique menu that they experience in a hands-on way—literally. 

“Guests come to Angry Crab Shack for more than a meal—They come for the entire experience,” Diamond says. “I’ve had parents come up to me at one of our restaurants and say one of the reasons they loved it was because their kids didn’t look at their phone or tablet once. Part of that is because you eat everything with your hands—but part of it is because people just really love being here.” 

Angry Crab Shack was founded in 2013 by former NFL player Ron Lou, who wanted to bring a classic seafood boil concept to Mesa, Arizona. Lou added in a signature twist, with Asian-Cajun flavor profiles that make Angry Crab Shack stand out in the increasingly popular world of seafood boil concepts, and Diamond considers the sauces to be best-in-class. Patrons can order a dish like Shrimp and Grits or a Po’ Boy, but many more diners opt for the seafood boil that allows them to choose a shellfish protein, a sauce, and a spice.

With its unique menu and signature dining experience, the restaurant was immediately a huge hit in the Mesa, Arizona market. When it began franchising in 2017, Angry Crab Shack began attracting the attention of some of Lou’s former gridiron foes, including former NFL legends and two-time Super Bowl champions Mike Davis and Mark May. 

“One of the reasons why I looked at Angry Crab Shack was because of the people who were involved,” May says. “They’re former athletes and their biggest fear is not succeeding. I wasn’t going into the bar and restaurant business without being very picky. I want to be involved with the right people and the right concept and the right company—and this is it, the Angry Crab Shack.” 

With the fervent support of current franchise partners like May, the brand is looking to grow to 100 units within the next five years. Diamond and his team are specifically seeking partners who share a passion for giving back to the community. Since opening eight years ago, Angry Crab Shack has donated to various local charities including children’s hospitals, centers that fight veteran homelessness and local food banks. In 2022, Angry Crab Shack’s support for these initiatives and others is expected to top $1 million.

“We’re looking for two types of franchise partners,” Diamond says. “First, we would love to partner with experienced multi-unit operators. Maybe they’re looking to expand their portfolio outside of the burger, chicken, or pizza concepts. Second, we’re looking for individuals who are entrepreneurial-minded and excited about this brand. We believe Angry Crab Shack is an emerging national brand and we’re excited to share it with people.”

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