7shifts Releases First Annual 7 Restaurant Scheduling Stats of 2017 Report

This data-driven report for restaurateurs is based on the real-world scheduling practices of over 150,000+ restaurant professionals.

7shifts is excited to release the first annual 7 Restaurant Scheduling Stats of 2017 , a report to help restaurateurs benchmark their restaurant's scheduling efforts and learn about industry trends.

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As one of the industry’s leading scheduling platforms, 7shifts has access to a wealth of data input by over 150,000+ restaurant pros from across the country. This report is a statistical review that chronicles the state of the restaurant industry in the year 2017.

In the creation of the report, 7shifts reached out to a sampling of restaurateurs and asked them to rank the information they’d be most interested in learning more about. From there, the team ran statistical analysis reports, and the findings are fascinating. Findings include:

  • What is the average tenure of a restaurant employee by role?
  • What is the average shift length of a restaurant employee by role?
  • And how many days in advance do restaurants usually publish their schedules for the next week?

In the face of predictive scheduling laws, the ever-increasing costs of employee turnover and the hot-button topic of employee engagement, the findings of this report provide crucial information restaurateurs need to benchmark their own scheduling performance and help them better run their businesses.

Learn all this and more in the 7shifts 7 Restaurant Scheduling Stats of 2017 report. Get ready to set the stage (and table!) for 2018. Find out where your restaurant sits within this past year’s statistics by viewing the report.