The 2020 Restaurant Buyer’s Guide

Preparing your operation for the year ahead? Don’t overlook these ingredients, gadgets, and gizmos as you set your restaurant up for success.


It’s that time of year when tastemakers, media outlets, and, yes, Oprah, bring forth lists of must-have items ahead of the holidays. At FSR, we’re not immune to the excitement around end-of-year round-ups, but unlike the consumer-facing holiday lists, we build ours around functionality more than fun. That’s not to say you won’t delight in purchasing a new multi-purpose chef’s knife or in adding an electric scooter to your delivery operation. In fact, we’re betting an arsenal of reliable tools, appliances, serveware, tech, and ingredients will not only set you up for a fruitful 2020, it will also brighten your restaurant long after the buzz of New Year’s toasts has faded.

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