How the Restaurant World’s Most Powerful Women Find Balance

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Chris Whonsetler
Martha Hoover

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
I’m not a big balance person. I remember reading an article in Women’s Wear Daily about Sonia Rykiel, the French fashion designer. She said she had three daughters and was raising them as a single mom and running her fashion power house. Whenever she was at work, she was thinking of the children. Whenever she was at home, she was thinking of work. She preferred to just blend her life. It just stuck in my head that blending was better for trying to find balance.

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Julia Turshen

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
Knowing it doesn’t exist.

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David Chow
Clare Reichenbach

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
Recognizing that they’re not separate but integrating them as flexibly as possible.

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BRG Hospitality
Shannon White

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
I try not to check my emails in the morning before work. It’s mine and [my daughter’s] time when we hang out and get ready for the day. I realize I can’t check my email—even if I just look at them it will set my day off on a different path.

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Leigh-Ann Beverley
Randi Weinstein

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
The gym. I put myself first. You have to put yourself first or you can’t provide for everyone else. The gym is my place of worship, my sanctuary.

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Victoria Vaynberg

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
I still have to improve on this one but find some non-negotiables and stick to them.

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Kate Warren
Ariel Pasternak

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
A huge part of the desire to run our own business was the opportunity to manage my own time. Obviously, it’s really challenging. When you’re running your own business, you feel like there’s always something that needs to be done. I try to tell myself it’s OK if I need to take a break. The work will get done.

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Kate Warren
Atara Bernstein

No. 1 Trick for Work-Life Balance
I think because me and Ariel both care deeply about each other’s well-being and ourselves, we’re open about our boundaries. Because this is our business together, we are the ones setting that culture for ourselves and our team to make it a priority to listen to our own limitations and our own needs.