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A Crazy Week

To say the least, the final week of November was a wild one in foodservice. From the Chipotle news bomb to Arby’s gobbling up Buffalo Wild Wings, these past five days were among the most interesting in recent memory.

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Buffalo Wild Wings is sold. To Arby’s?

The fact Buffalo Wild Wings was dealt wasn’t exactly surprising. But the reality it was Arby’s, one of the quick-service industry’s top players, did surprise some. Especially on social media. Let’s just say the future should be interesting.

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Steve Ells Steps Aside

Chipotle’s founder, CEO, and chairman is dropping that second title. Given the chain’s struggles and stock market plummet in recent months, it was probably just a matter of time before Ells shifted roles. Chipotle said it’s looking for a leader “with demonstrated turnaround expertise.” Getting the burrito giant back on top won’t be easy. For now, Ells will turn his focus to innovation and advising the search.

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Qdoba on the Chopping Block?

Major brands being sold appears to be the norm these days. Could Qdoba, a fast casual chain with more than 600 units, be next? It sure seems that way. Jack in the Box, which has owned Qdoba for 14 years, is said to be nearing a $300 million with Apollo Global Management LLC. Jack in the Box, however, is staying mum on the deal.

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Florida’s Oldest Steakhouse

There are more trends and fads in foodservice than we can count anymore. But one thing that’s never going out of style: Steak. For 70 years, the Okeechobee Steakhouse has been getting it done, relying on great service, dry-aging, and a fanbase that has stayed loyal through the decades.

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Captain D's
Captain D’s and the Rebirth of Fast Casual Seafood

Fast food seafood had a certain, troubling stigma surrounding it a few years ago. Thanks to a complete brand refresh, however, one that included a new logo, design, and grilled-to-order menu, Captain D’s is back. The 48-year-old brand isn’t just growing, it’s thriving, generating AUVs of $1.4 million in new stores and setting itself up for an even better future.

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Amici Italian Café
The Classic Italian Chain Coming to a College Near You

Amici Italian Café stalled during the recession. It’s now on the brink of major expansion, especially in college markets. The chain is going regional and taking its beloved concept to new audiences.

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Panera’s CEO: This is Why I’m Stepping Down

The outspoken, political-minded leader of Panera doesn't plan to disappear. In a letter addressed to his friends and family, Ron Shaich outlined the steps that led to his decision to step down, and what’s ahead for not just his own career, but the future of the fast casual titan as well.

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Wendy's To-Go

Wendy's delivery is going national. Starting Friday, Wendy’s and DoorDash are partnering to bring fans what they’ve been craving: Wendy’s menu delivered right to their door.

Wendy’s is partnering exclusively with DoorDash, the technology company that connects customers with the best local businesses through door-to-door delivery. With delivery from Wendy’s serving 48 major markets nationwide and growing, Wendy’s lovers can get their fix just about anywhere, anytime.

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