9 New Restaurant Products Worth Investing In

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Bulk Blending

The Vitamix XL is a large-capacity commercial machine that allows the blending of multiple batches or bulk quantities of key menu items at once. This countertop blender lets operators blend up to 24 8-ounce servings at one time, making it a versatile time-saver for preparing large quantities of smoothies, soups, sauces, batters, dessert fillings, and more. The XL is equipped with a powerful 4.2 peak-output horsepower motor.


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Frontline International
Closed System Benefits

Frontline’s newest piece of equipment, the Direct Plumb Oven System, connects directly to ovens and rotisseries. Its hose attachment plugs into the cooking units to automatically suction out fats and grease from the equipment’s drip pan with no handling, dumping, or exposure to material required. Waste product is sucked through the hose and into the containment caddy. Then simply wheel the sealed caddy over to your used oil containment tank and pump the collected grease out of the caddy and into the tank using the same hose attachment. It makes safe and mess-free collection of fats and grease accessible to commercial kitchen operators.


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New Conveyor Ovens

Lincoln, a Welbilt brand of commercial cooking equipment, introduced the enhanced Impinger II series of conveyor ovens with easyTouch controls. This latest model offers all the features Lincoln operators expect—a hinged, front removable door that makes it easy to remove the conveyor and fingers for cleaning, especially in confined kitchens where space is a premium. It also features Lincoln’s pioneering Fast Bake technology, which cooks products up to 30 percent faster than traditional impingement conveyor ovens. With an 18-inch wide belt and 28-inch long bake chamber, this compact footprint oven is capable of cooking everything from x-large pizzas to open face sandwiches and your favorite cookies.


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Dual Voltage

Lincoln also released the new Lincoln Dual Voltage Digital CounterTop Impingement (DCTI) oven. This “plug and play” model automatically converts the voltage to an operator’s kitchen’s needs—taking the guesswork out of ordering. It uses Air Impingement to deliver crisping and browning. Hot air under pressure surrounds food with small jets of hot air.


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Brass Knuckle
Brass Knuckle.
PPE for Compliance

The Vader Combo from Brass Knuckle claims to be “the coolest, best-fitting, most fog-free protective eyewear product on the market.” It is also significantly more than protective eyewear since it doubles as a form-fitting face shield.  The Vader Combo joins Brass Knuckle’s Vader splash goggle with an integrated face shield, offering 180-degree peripheral vision and face coverage. The only material that touches the face is an ultra-soft conditioned rubber that forms the splash barrier. Because the face shield isn’t attached to a hard hat, it provides unprecedented mobility and visibility.


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LSI Industries
LSI Industries.
Outdoor Architectural Luminaires

LSI Industries launched a uniquely different series of outdoor architectural luminaires. Called “Opulence,” the new series combines a visually stunning fixture with five different mounting styles. The result is a lighting solution that bolsters the richness of every environment in which the luminaire is installed. Regardless of configuration, each product in the Opulence series features the same curved fixture with a clean housing and a near-seamless mounting assembly. 


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LG Business Solutions USA
LG Business Solutions USA.
Public Space TV Management

LG Business Solutions USA is making it easier for businesses with public area digital displays to control their entire portfolio of screens through its new system called Pro:Centric Catena. Operating on LG’s Pro:Centric smart televisions, Catena provides a browser-based user interface to enable simple and convenient control of multiple commercial displays by staff using smartphones or tablets. Pro:Centric Catena also offers a new, unique benefit for customers: a simple web app that allows patrons to select from the available live TV broadcasting and listen to the audio through their own smartphones and earbuds.


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Surface Wipes

EvaClean disposable environmental surface wipes are the newest additional to EarthSafe’s sustainable infection prevention solution. The wipes system works with EvaClean’s PUR:ONE Cleaner and Disinfectant tablets that dissolve to create a broad spectrum of concentrations, from food contact surface sanitizer to sporicidal disinfectant capable of neutralizing biofilm bacteria, C. diff spores, and Covid-19. The EvaClean Wipes System Starter Kits are available in two strengths and sizes, then buckets are easily refillable with additional wipes rolls.


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Hand sanitizer dispenser

The Kub from personal care brand Touchland is an internet-connected hand sanitizer dispenser for businesses like restaurants, bars, and other foodservice establishments. This solution blends smart technology, sleek design, and a hydrating, moisturizing formula infused with aloe vera and essential oils to deliver the most unique hand hygiene experience, while enabling the healthiest and safest environments for staff and customers.