7 Best Foodie Shows and Movies for Your Weekend/Snowday

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A couple watches their favorite TV show from the comfort of their couch.
Let it snow
Restaurant closed due to snow? Getting in some much-needed winter hibernation time? Struck by one of the worst flu seasons on record? We know you’ll miss the kitchen even when you’re at home. Whether you’ve got Netflix and chills or are just trying to keep warm, here’s what to watch.
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Chef's Table is a hit on Netflix.
Chef’s Table
If you haven’t cried along with Dominique Crenn about the loss of her father, are you truly part of this community? Who isn’t totally in shock and awe over the complete alternate universe Magnus Nilsson is both living in and creating? And Nancy Silverton inspires us all. There are three seasons worth (re-)watching. (Netflix)
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Young & Hungry is a guilty pleasure show on Netflix for food lovers.
Young & Hungry
Ever considered leaving the restaurant kitchen in favor of being a private chef? This totally cheesy show is a guilty pleasure. It features both the too-clumsy female making it on her own trope and the too-young-and-stubborn-to-be-so-rich male trope, as well as recipes like magical one-pot spaghetti, roasted chicken five ways, and strawberry basil lemonade. (Netflix)
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Just Add Magic is like Harry Potter meets American Girls meets Top Chef.
Just Add Magic
Speaking of magic, this show actually contains spells. This is definitely made for children and I’m definitely watching it as an adult — and totally loving it. Three girls learn they have magical powers after finding a cookbook with recipes for magic spells. I like to think of it as Harry Potter meets American Girls meets Top Chef, right? A new season drops this week. (Prime)
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Jiro is a classic Netflix documentary about a legendary chef.
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
This is a classic documentary about a legendary chef. It is going to make you want to drop everything, go to the sushi bar and ask the chef for his special. Or at least, that’s what I did. Jiro’s mastery is awe inspiring. (Netflix)
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 David Chang’s early history, style and curiosity is immortalized in season one of Netflix's Mind of a Chef.
The Mind of a Chef
While many of us are still saying RIP Lucky Peach, David Chang’s early history, style and curiosity is immortalized in season one of this show. It’s a full 16 episodes, which is a lot of noodles. It’s an exercise in vicarious living for any chef who hasn’t taken quite such an unforgettable journey to learn the ins and outs of one food. (Netflix)
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The Cravings is a purely delightful Korean drama on Netflix.
The Cravings
This purely delightful Korean drama is the product of a sponsorship with Lee Kum sauces. And every episode contains a recipe sponsored by, you guessed, Lee Kum sauces. Watch a thirty-something career woman go through life’s ups and downs, each accompanied by a meal and how to make it. It’s junk food of the highest caliber. (Netflix)
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Fannie’s Last Supper is a Netflix food show all ages can enjoy.
Fannie’s Last Supper
This is for the American food nerd in us all. Who didn’t grow up with a Fannie Farmer Cookbook? As a kid, I’d find it stashed in the kitchen cupboard while looking for snacks and thumb through the measurement conversions, not even sure what the recipes meant. Leave it to the folks at America’s Test Kitchen to explore the history while producing an authentic recreation of one of Fannie’s 1896 12-course meals. (Netflix)