4 Pizzas You Should Eat in the Morning

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Pizza in the Morning

As breakfast and brunch continue to curry favor, the humble pizza gets a morning makeover. Like the now ubiquitous avocado toast, breakfast pizza meshes traditional elements of the earliest daypart with foods usually associated with lunch and dinner. And while chefs have had fun dressing up avocado toast with the likes of fresno chilies and sardines, pizza opens the door to even greater flavor opportunities. As a carrier, pizza can deliver on savory, sweet, and even a combination of the two. OpenTable even created a roundup of some of the most innovative breakfast pizza from restaurants around the country. Here are a few:

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Justin Bazdarich
The Gravlax

Speedy Romeo, New York City

American grilled pizza meets a Swedish staple with fennel-cured salmon, ricotta, red onion, capers, and lemon.

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Flour & Barley
Pizza French Toast

Flour & Barley, Las Vegas

This brunch specialty skews sweet with honey ricotta, cream cheese, maple syrup, berries, and powdered sugar.

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Breakfast Pizza

Americano, Dallas

A loaded breakfast plate but with a crispy carrier, this pie combines gravy, farm eggs, and shoestring potatoes.

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Eggs Florentine Pizza

1901 Restaurant at AceBounce, Chicago

A classic benedict style is reimagined atop a pie with quail eggs, spinach, and hollandaise.