20 Innovative Restaurant Products for the New Year

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On-demand fix

Humrun is a repair and maintenance app that quickly connects restaurants with qualified technicians across more than a dozen categories, including refrigeration, cooking equipment, and HVAC. The app minimizes the impact of maintenance needs by connecting operators to preferred providers and offering an on-demand component, ensuring customer satisfaction is achieved. Humrun requires no set-up costs and documents all repairs, thus providing insight for future maintenance needs.



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NEC Display
Super screen

NEC Display’s V554 commercial-grade, large-format display is an industrial-strength, premium-grade panel that can withstand harsh conditions. Its internal temperature sensors, self-diagnostics, and integrated cooling fans run 24/7 with minimal maintenance. The V554 also boasts an anti-glare surface to ensure efficient readability even in bright ambient light. Its computer-module slots allow for source integration directly into the display. 



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Payment pal

Designed to meet current and evolving requirements in payment technology, Ziosk Aurizon features an all-in-one payment slot for both card dip and swipe motions, making it both easy and secure to use. Aurizon boasts 18 hours of battery life with an auto-cut printer for receipts. It is a smaller model, but with a larger display screen, as well as a pin pad that only lights up when in use. Guests can also browse the menu and participate in virtual games.

Priced to order


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Automatic and secure

TableSafe’s RAIL with EMV certification enables restaurant guests to securely control the entire payment process. The guest may auto-calculate the tip, split the bill multiple ways—including pay-by-item—and receive email receipts. Once the payment process is complete, guests can provide real-time feedback on their dining experience. Since payment details never reside on the restaurant POS, credit card information will never be compromised.

Priced to order


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Cloud connections

Porcini software’s new cloud-based restaurant management platform was designed to make inventory pricing, menu development, and order tracking easy and affordable for busy restaurateurs, chefs, and bartenders. The advanced platform performs a variety of functions, such as: tracking inventory by organizing vendors; linking recipes to inventory; generating up-to-date inventory lists; and producing profit-and-loss statements.

Starting at $790 annually


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Table(side) service

Breadcrumb’s Fully Integrated EMV Tableside POS allows servers to send orders to the kitchen, improve the speed of service, and process payment of chip cards at the table. With contactless payments like NFC and fully integrated EMV chip cards, guests can pay with whatever method they choose. Mobile EMV solutions and tableside ordering allow for faster and more accurate orders for guests, as well as faster server turn times.



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Absorbent Strip

TASKBrand Super Absorbent Strip from HOSPECO absorbs up to 50 times its own weight and converts liquids into a leak-resistant gel to safely contain water- and oil-based liquids. The strip is wrapped in a high-visibility, yellow spun-bond cover and says “CAUTION” for added safety.


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Inserts for Plastic Cups

Clear inserts from LidWorks fit into multiple sizes of plastic cups and lids. The clear design allows for product visibility to drive impulse sales. They are also suitable for heat sealing with most cup sizes. Inserts are available in 3- and 4.75-ounce sizes.


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Tuscanni Foods
Parchment Crackers

Tuscanni’s Parchment Crackers are baked and never fried, making them an ideal swap for flatbread, chips, or calorie-heavy snack crackers. These crackers offer authentic Italian flavor with just five ingredients and 120 calories per serving. They are also certified OU kosher, GMO-free, and dairy-free.

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Perdue Foodservice
Smoked Sliced Turkey

Perdue Harvestland’s Sliced Smoked Turkey is 100 percent vegetarian-fed product and was raised with no antibiotics ever. The turkey is cooked and lightly smoked, cut into 0.67-ounce slices, and packed in a 2-pound resealable package. This turkey is certified gluten-free and is free of nitrates, except those naturally occurring in sea salt.


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Spill Kits

OSHAKits.com’s Food Safety Spill Kits, made in partnership with GOJO Industries, are stored in easy-to-access capsules and feature PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer to stop the spread of disease. Each kit contains a bilingual training guide, protective equipment, and disposal supplies for biohazard cleanup.


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Bar Towel

The MaxiPlus Microfiber Bar Towel from Nexstep Commercial Products, a licensee of O-Cedar, removes more bacteria than cotton cloths and reduces water and chemical usage. Measuring 14 inches by 18 inches, these cloths are lint-, scratch-, and streak-free; withstand hundreds of washes; and require less drying time than traditional rags.


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Red Diamond Coffee & Tea
Seasonal Coffees

Red Diamond Coffee and Tea offers fall and winter coffee flavors for a limited time. Pumpkin Harvest is available in 2.5-ounce fractional packs, which are perfect additions for restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience-store cafés. Gingerbread Caramel and Peppermint Mocha coffees are also available.


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Sealed Air
Degreaser and Sanitizer

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division’s Suma Break-Up Chlor SC, a highly concentrated chlorinated degreaser, and Suma Final Step 1024, a concentrated no-rinse sanitizer, clean and sanitize food contact surfaces. Both feature RTD spray packaging for safe, accurate dispensing and enhance cleaning convenience, cost savings, and sustainability.


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Door Seals

Xcluder’s X2 Door Bottom Seal System combines the Xcluder Rodent-Proof Door Seal and a durable brush seal to provide dual protection against pests. Featuring a durable rubber outer layer lined with patented fill fabric, the door seal protects against rodents and the elements. The brush seal faces the inside of doors and conforms to textured surfaces to eliminate tiny gaps while blocking light and small insects.


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Kerry Foodservice
Pre-Dip Breading

Kerry Foodservice’s Golden Dipt Pre Dip makes it easy for operators to maximize consistency and add the crunch consumers crave to hand-breaded foods with minimal cost. This pre-dip offers enhanced visual appearance and coating adherence over traditional breading methods. It is complete with customizable thickness for hard-to-coat foods and requires no handling of raw eggs or refrigerator storage.


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Flooring Bracket

Welbilt’s Kolpak Era Bracket offers superior floor strength for foot traffic and rolling carts. This bracket eliminates the need for restaurants to have plywood underlay of traffic floors while enhancing the surface’s ability to handle light rolling cart traffic. Offering greater floor strength, the bracket is approved for up to 1,000 pounds per square foot.


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Bush’s Best Foodservice
Southwestern Pinto Beans

Bush’s Best Foodservice offers Easy Entrées Texas Ranchero Pinto Beans, a Southwestern spin on a classic. This new variety immerses savory pinto beans in an authentic Southwest sauce with Mexican oregano, cumin, and onion. With simple heat and serve preparation, beans can be served as a savory and spicy side or entrée ingredient in minutes.


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Express Yourself

Tork Xpressnap has upgraded AD-a-Glance, its tabletop marketing tool, to be more action-oriented. The new AD-a-Glance Customizer offers templates to support communication goals, and allows users to create their own designs. The latest AD-a-Glance tool is mobile-friendly to fit the busy schedules of restaurant managers and features the option to quickly share ads via social media.  


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Marketing Vitals
Marketing Vitals

Marketing Vitals is a no-contract analytics software with measurable impact. MV has helped customers optimize their marketing spend by 20 percent, improve employee sales performance by 3 percent, and create consistent year over year growth. MV is compatible with over 20 POS systems so no additional technology costs are required. Data is collected from POS, loyalty, survey, and other sources building comprehensive profiles of all guests. Operators can model price elasticity, run menu analyses with TURF simulations, determine ROI of marketing efforts and motivate employees with the contest feature. MV helps restaurants understand customers driving frequency through actionable big data.