18 Fresh-to-Market Products Your Restaurant Needs

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Island Oasis
Moscow Mule Mix

There are endless ways to satisfy guests with unique beverages using new Island Oasis Moscow Mule Ginger-Lime Beverage Mix—even beyond Moscow Mules. The flavor combination of ginger and lime mixes well with fruity flavors, as well as alcohol, making it a go-to choice for both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The versatility of the mix increases efficiency behind the bar with perfectly balanced ginger and lime flavors. It’s made without artificial flavors or colors.


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Chewy Mints

Extra announced that it is entering a new category for the first time ever with the launch of Extra Chewy Mints. Packed with the flavor of Extra gum, each Extra Chewy Mint has two layers: a thin crispy outer shell and a chewy core. The mints are launching in Extra’s best-selling gum flavors—Peppermint and Polar Ice—and are available in packaging designed to share. The product is available nationwide in 1.5-ounce durable plastic packs and 7.5-ounce stand-up bags.


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Dusting Sheets

Quik-Stik Disposable Dusting Sheets are made with glue-infusion technology that sticks both fine dust and larger, heavier debris to the sheet without compromising glide. Users no longer need to “shake out” or launder soiled dusters, but simply discard soiled sheets. The full 24-inch sheets fit securely on Filmop’s LaMello Rubber Blade Duster, which features auto-clavable, squeegee-type blades strategically spaced for capture of dirt, even on irregular surfaces.


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Butterball Foodservice
Turkey Crumbles

Butterball Foodservice created two new turkey products that help operators give diners more options. Fully cooked, pre-crumbled Turkey Breakfast Sausage Crumbles and Turkey Chorizo Crumbles are easy to use, saving time and labor. Their versatility also allows them to act as toppings or ingredients in different types of menu offerings. Low in fat and high in protein, they’re healthier alternatives to pork sausage and chorizo.


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Yerba Mate Energy Drink

CLEAN Cause (CLEAN) announced the release of its sparkling, organic Yerba Mate energy drink. The new line is available in four flavors—blackberry, lemon lime, raspberry, and peach—and sold in individual 16-ounce cans. It delivers the boost of 160 milligrams of natural yerba mate caffeine, but with approximately half the calories of the category leader; comes in flavor profiles not typically associated with yerba mate; and is made with sparkling, purified water.


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March Networks
HD Analog Camera

March Networks, a provider of intelligent video solutions, introduced its new CA2 Series HD analog cameras. A complement to the company’s 8724 V Tribrid NVR and HD analog offering, the cameras enable organizations to capture sharp 1080p video over existing coaxial cable without the cost and disruption typically required to upgrade to Cat5/6. They also come with multiple mounts, including an innovative drop-ceiling mount that cuts installation times by 50 percent or more.


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Frontline International 
Oil Dispensing System

Frontline International redesigned its signature EZ Oil Fresh Oil Dispensing System to dramatically increase capacity. The patented EZ Oil process employs boxed oil, held in an inverted position, that is plumbed to a reservoir. With the redesign, the depth of the reservoir has been more than doubled, which also more than doubles its shortening capacity. EZ Oil’s integral pump moves oil at the touch of a button from the reservoir to awaiting fryer vats.


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Oregon Fruit Products
Fruit Compotes

Oregon Fruit Products announced a new line of compotes, heralding an expansion of its award-winning Fruit In Hand line for the foodservice market. Launching in peach and mixed berry flavors, the compotes offer a fresh fruit topping that are rich in flavor, with large pieces of fruit throughout. They are ideal for layering or topping breakfast and dessert dishes such as parfaits, cheesecake, pancakes, yogurt, waffles, crepes, and French toast. The compotes also elevate a variety of protein dishes, such as salmon or pork.


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Sauce Guns
Sauce Bottle

Portion control couldn’t be easier than with the Sauce Gun Bottle. It works with widely used Sauce Guns for consistent portioning of thin and thick sauces. The bottle provides a 98 percent sauce yield, and there are different dispensing patterns available. Sauce Guns are available in 1/3-ounce, ½-ounce, 2/3-ounce, and 1-ounce sizes.


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3M Food Safety
Food Safety Tests

3M Food Safety announced it has completed the integration of Elution Technologies, a Vermont-based manufacturer of test kits that enable food and beverage processors to test their products and manufacturing environments for potential food allergens, such as peanut, milk, and gluten. These products are now available through 3M’s worldwide sales and distribution network as 3M Allergen Protein Rapid Kits and 3M Allergen Protein ELISA Kits.


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Fortified Coffees and Teas

BareOrganics puts taste and quality above all else with its new coffees and teas, fortified with good-for-you ingredients. Each superfood added to BareOrganics Coffees & Teas is paired with the drink to enhance flavor. They are also packed with probiotics to support digestive health with every sip. The single-serve brewing cups—which come in Heart Health Coffee and Slim Care Tea varieties—are fortified with all-natural, whole ingredients.


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Mann Packing Company
Veggie Pasta Bowls

Mann Packing Company announced two additions to its award-winning line of Nourish Bowls: Fresh Veggie Pastas with plant-based protein. Following the successful launch last year of its Spicy Thai Nourish Bowls featuring fresh kohlrabi noodles, the company is now adding to the line with Basil Pesto and Tomato Bolognese. They are the first-ever warm veggie meals to feature plant-based protein, with vegan Chick’n in the pesto sauce and vegan sausage in the Bolognese.


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Nexstep Commercial Products
Microfiber Dust Mops

Nexstep Commercial Products announces its new MaxiTwist Microfiber Dust Mops. The mops’ surface is fully covered in loop-end microfiber for maximum efficiency, while its slip-on slot pocket allows for easy securing to frame. The quick-dry synthetic backing fits all standard 5-inch dust mop frames.


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Artisan Buns

EuroBake introduced a new line of high-quality artisan buns. Operators will delight guests with innovative new bun varieties crafted in authentic European tradition to elevate every element of burger bliss. The new line features five new varieties: Hatch Chile Bun, Craft Beer Bun With Sesame Seeds, Wheat Brioche Bun, Potato Bun, and Mini Kaiser Slider Bun.


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Chromatic Technologies Inc.
Freeze-Warning Technology

Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), in partnership with American Thermal Instruments, invented BlindSpotz freeze-warning technology. The new patent-pending technology can be printed directly on a package and records if an individual pallet, case, or package has frozen. BlindSpotz costs pennies per package. The capability embeds the technology into an ink system that can be incorporated into the existing printing process for packaging.


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Oasis International
Countertop Water Cooler

Oasis International’s Aquarius Counter Top is the point-of-use water cooler for the well-appointed office. It conveniently dispenses cold, hot, and room-temperature water from a single dispense point and can be connected to a filtration system for ultimate refreshment. There are three pre-select cup sizes or any size dispense amount. The 11-inch dispense height is specifically made for on-the-go bottle refilling.


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Personal Disposal Bags

HOSPECO offers its Scensibles personal disposal bags for used menstrual care products. Install a dispenser in the restroom, and users have access to a discreet, scented, opaque plastic bag to discard used products. Each Scensibles disposal bag ties into a neat, self-contained bundle that’s ideal for safe and sanitary disposal. Their ease of use also goes a long way toward promoting compliance with “do not flush” rules.


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Carrington Farms
Clean Ingredients

Carrington Farms produces a range of cleaner ingredients for menu development purposes, including seeds, grains, and oils. Its ghee (clarified butter) product can be swapped in for butter, allowing operators to make better-for-you versions of recipes. There’s also hemp seeds, which can be mixed into smoothies or substituted for pine nuts in pesto, and Liquid Coconut Oil, which can be a substitute for traditional oils that doesn’t have the flavor or odor of coconuts.