18 Exciting New Products for Restaurants

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Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Oven
Alto-Shaam’s newest rotisserie ovens cook up to 21 3.5-pound chickens while saving operators time with automatic cleaning, automatic grease collection, and touchscreen controls. The patent-pending water jet design uses 35 percent less water than competitors while handling the toughest grease, and seven browning levels provide the perfect, crispy finish. alto-shaam.com/rotisseries
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Portable Yogurt Beverages
In a health-conscious food market, yogurt beverages make for a portable, diet-friendly menu offering that can differentiate restaurants. Dannon’s diverse line of yogurt drinks come in a variety of flavors and contain no added sugar, 0 percent fat, and 9–10 grams of protein per 7 fluid ounces. dannonfoodservice.com
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Red Diamond
Cold Brew Coffee
Red Diamond’s Cold Brew Blend is made with 100 Arabica beans that are hand picked, sun dried, and roasted for a full-bodied coffee with a rich, sweet taste and a hint of nutty flavor. reddiamondbevservice.com
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Hot Cup Lids
LidWorks’ Translucent Flat Straw Slot Lids for Foam Cups feature an elegant design and come in three sizes to fit traditional foam cups. The raised straw slot makes it easier for consumers to quickly and efficiently insert straws, and lids are equipped with popular flavor buttons for various beverages. lidworks.com
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The Howard Company
Drive-Thru Clearance Bar
The Howard Company’s dual and single helix Deluxe Clearance Bars have a standard clearance height of nine feet and are designed to reduce damage to guest vehicles and restaurant buildings. Featuring a pivoting crossbar, single and double clearance bars are securely anchored to the curb or pavement and are constructed of power-coated steel. howardcompany.com
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Bush’s Best
Chili Starter
Bush’s Best Chili Starter features rich pinto beans simmered in Bush’s savory chili sauce made with a special blend of chilies, spices, garlic, and onion. It only needs added tomatoes and meat to create the perfect chili base for endless menu options. bushbeansfoodservice.com
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Follet LLC
Ice Dispensers with Sparkling Water
Follet LLC’s 7 and 15 Series Ice and Water Dispensers offer a sparkling water option. Available with either 7 or 15 pounds of ice storage, dispensers can produce up to 125 pounds of Chewblet ice per day in addition to dispensing chilled sparkling or chilled still water. follettice.com/sparkling
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Premium Mini Chips
Ghirardelli’s Barista Mini Chip Collection is a premium solution for decorating and topping desserts and beverages. Flavors include Classic White, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate. Applications include specialty coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, cheesecake, ice cream, and more. ghirardelli.com
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Ice Cream Cone Dispenser
Tomlinson’s Simpli-Flex Ice Cream Cone Dispenser organizes and dispenses cake cones, waffle cones, sugar cones, and more. These NSF-listed dispensers are self-adjusting to accommodate cones with 1 3/8-inch to 3 3/8-inch lip diameter and hold cones snugly without damaging them. Dispensers are available in polished stainless steel and gray-tinted plastic. tomlinsonind.com
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Butterball Foodservice
No-Antibiotics-Ever Turkey
Butterball Foodservice’s Farm to Family by Butterball line of turkeys is all-natural, no-antibiotics-ever, and raised on local family-owned farms where they are fed an all-vegetarian diet. The line includes turkey burgers, ground turkey, turkey breast, and ready-to-cook roasts. butterballfoodservice.com/farmtofamily
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Farmer Brothers
Cold Brew Coffee Filter Packs
Farmer Brothers’ Artisan Collection Cold Brew Filter Packs give operators an easy-to-use method to meet growing consumer demand for a specialty coffee cold brew. The packs are vacuum-sealed, eliminating the mess of standard cold-brew preparation methods. The pre-measured filter packs reduce labor because no measuring or grinding is required. farmerbros.com
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Countertop Electric Fryer
Vulcan’s Countertop Electric Fryer is the first Energy Star–certified countertop electric fryer in the industry. These fryers meet the intense demands of quick-service kitchens and come in 75-pound and 40-pound vat sizes. Each unit contains a 1¼-inch drain valve and comes with a quick disconnect hose and drain extension. vulcanequipment.com
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Flavored Sparkling Natural Mineral Waters
Perrier’s selection of Sparkling Natural Mineral Water features six refreshing flavors, including new Perrier Strawberry and Perrier Watermelon. All of Perrier’s offerings are sugar-free, zero-calorie, and use natural flavors. Original, Lime, L’Orange, and Strawberry flavors are available in new 11.15-fluid-ounce cans, and all products are available in 8.45-fluid-ounce slim cans and 16.8-fluid-ounce PET bottles.
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Vertex China
Unified Beverage Service Collection
Vertex China’s Barista Collection addresses the full spectrum of hot beverage needs in a single matching collection. Designed with identical matching handles, cups, mugs, and saucers work together interchangeably. The bright white porcelain body resists stains, and the classic style and neutral shape pairs well with all porcelain shapes and works with almost any tabletop. vertexchina.com
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Checklist Management Platform
PAR SureCheck is a mobile client-based automated solution that provides checklist management for HACCP food safety programs and employee-assigned tasks, and captures barcode and photo observations and evidence with time stamps. This application runs on Windows Embedded Handheld and iOS devices with a multi-mode wireless temperature-measuring device, a cloud-based enterprise configuration, and reporting server application. partech.com
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Basmati Rice
Royal Basmati Rice’s Royal Authentic Adventures line features eight flavors inspired by cuisine from around the world and combines with Royal’s Premium Basmati Rice to inspire authentically flavored global creations. The varieties are Mexican, French, Thai, Greek, Japanese, Moroccan, Indian, and Argentinian Basmati Rice. authenticroyal.com
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Stoelting Foodservice
Whipped Cream Dispenser
Stoelting Foodservice’s CW2 Whipped Crème Dispenser features a small footprint and lightweight design ideal for any operation. Operable with liquid cream containing no chemical additives or propellants, the CW2 can dispenses whipped cream manually or with a pre-set dispenser to ensure the same portion with every serving. stoelting.com/accessories1
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Mann Packing
Warm Veggie-Based Meal Kits
Mann Packing’s award-winning Nourish Bowls line are packed with trending vegetables like butternut squash, sweet potato, cauliflower rice, and sugar snap peas and are easy to prepare, low in calories, and highly customizable. The new Bacon Maple Brussels variety is also available. veggiesmadeeasy.com