14 Exciting Products to Elevate Your Restaurant

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Compostable Trays

Eco-Products is expanding Regalia, a fully compostable line of products for caterers seeking innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for their events. The line will now feature half trays made from sugarcane and available in one-, two-, and four-compartment sizes. A common lid—also compostable—makes stocking easy and drop-off catering even easier.


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Tomlinson Industries
Countertop Lid Organizer

Tomlinson Industries introduced the new Countertop Lid Organizer to its Modular Dispensing Systems product line. The organizer features a durable stainless steel welded frame construction and a sturdy plastic insert, with three rows for lids and a bottom row for condiments and straws. Removable plastic insert allows for easy cleaning.


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Table Equalizer

FLAT Equalizers end wobbling for operators’ existing tables and create aligned tabletops for group dining. Equalizers replace a table’s existing screw-in feet and adjust to uneven surfaces with just a press on the tabletop. Stabilize tables and help align multiple adjoining tabletops with FLAT Equalizers.


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Black Cold Cup Lids

LidWorks announced its new Black Flat Straw Slot Lids for double-sided poly paper cups. LidWorks’ Black Flat Straw Slot Lids feature a raised straw slot that makes it easier for a consumer to very quickly and efficiently insert a straw into the straw slot. They’re available in the three most common sizes—22-, 32-, and 44- ounces—and fit traditional size double-sided poly paper cups.


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Rapak North America
Bag-in-Box Oil System Connector

Rapak North America announced its NSF-approved REOS line-side connector for commercial bag-in-box edible oil dispensing systems. The REOS (Rapak Edible Oil System), screw-on line-side connector links the compatible edible oil bag-in-box to the dispensing machine so oil can be introduced into dispensing systems in a clean, efficient, and sanitary way.


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The Vollrath Company
Conveyor Toasters and Ovens

The Vollrath Company launched a full line of high-quality, American-made conveyor toasters and ovens. Operator-friendly and with durable and compact design, the 30-plus new products are manufactured to UL and NSF standards. Each of the conveyor toasters and ovens has variable speed controls to achieve desired doneness and allow for real-time adjustments.


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San Jamar
Fryer Basket Identifiers

The Fryer Basket Identifier from San Jamar offers a simple solution to help operators keep from accidentally mixing product in fryer vats. The Fryer Basket Identifier will help operators deliver quality flavor as well as reduce cross-contact between foods. The Fryer Basket Identifier is also excellent for allergen concerns such as peanut oil, gluten, or any other allergen items that could be picked up in the fryer.


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GLG Life Tech Corporation
Natural Sweetener

GLG Life Tech Corporation announced the newest addition to its portfolio of stevia extracts: the new High Reb M product line. Made from GLG’s proprietary High Reb M Dream Sweetener Stevia Leaf, this next-generation stevia product line facilitates sugar replacement with better-tasting, low-calorie, natural sweetening systems and solutions that provide a sugar-like sensory experience.


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Extreme Post-It Note

The Post-It Brand launched its Post-It Extreme Notes. A first for the brand, Post-It Extreme Notes are specifically designed to improve communication and efficiency in the kitchen. Made with Dura-Hold paper and adhesive, Post-It Extreme Notes withstand the most extreme conditions, including heat, cold, wind, and water, and stick to a range of surfaces found in kitchens sites.


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Grecian Delight
Gyro Slices

Grecian Delight launched ReadyCarved Off-the-Cone Gyro Slices, an on-trend, versatile product that doesn’t require additional space, labor, or equipment. Flame-broiled to a partial cook, sliced off the cone, and individually quick frozen, the Gyro Slices can be cooked at unit level on the flattop grill, in an oven, or in a microwave. They are great for classics like Gyro sandwiches and salads, as well as for more unique items like flatbreads, pizzas, bowls, or nachos.


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Sanitary Product Dispenser

HOSPECO’s newest menstrual care product dispenser, the Evogen EV1 dispenser, is now re-engineered with a free vend delay mechanism to discourage misuse. Evogen holds both tampons and pads. Each is dispensed with the simple push of a button. If programmed for free vend, the new delay function discourages multiple products from being taken. An easy-to-see lighted indicator alerts staff when the dispenser needs refill.


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Nexstep Commercial Products
Janitor Cart

Nexstep Commercial Products announced the launch of its MaxiPlus Deluxe Janitor Cart, which offers a locking cabinet to secure cleaning supplies, a roll top for easy access to the supplies, quiet wheels and casters, and an easy-to-use lid that covers waste storage. The multifunctional cart works well with microfiber or standard cleaning systems.


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Worldwide Dispensers North America
Front-Push Dispensing Tap

Worldwide Dispensers North America has fully commercialized and competitively priced the Mustang front-push dispensing tap for bag-in-box and stand-up pouch applications. The Mustang front-push dispensing tap has the lowest oxygen transmission rate in the industry, making it the ideal solution for extending the shelf life of bag-in box wine and other oxygen sensitive products.


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ParTech Inc.
Integrated POS

ParTech Inc. announced a new partnership with Workpop, a modern hiring and onboarding solution. The technology partnership will enable PAR’s cloud-based Brink POS Software to seamlessly connect with Workpop’s Applicant Hiring System, providing shared customers real-time access to personnel changes made in Workpop. New employees added to Workpop sync to Brink immediately upon activation.