12 Tech Products That Should Be On Every Restaurateur’s Wishlist for 2023

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Lunchbox Essential

Online-ordering platform Lunchbox’s new platform was built specifically for growing restaurants with 1–3 locations. Through Lunchbox Essential, operators can build online storefronts with direct-ordering capabilities and retain 100 percent of the profits rather than paying third-party commission. lunchbox.io

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Ziosk PRO Server Tablet

Designed for all restaurant models, from casual to fine dining, the Ziosk PRO Server Tablet is one of the lightest and smallest hand-held tablets on the market. Suitable in both customer- and staff-facing applications, the tablet’s built-in cloud-based solution instantly relays orders from anywhere in the restaurant to the kitchen. It also offers intelligent alerts to guide staff. ziosk.com

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American Lighting
Popmenu Answering

Using AI technology, Popmenu Answering fields calls for the restaurant with custom responses. Popmenu Answering can also send a reservation link to the caller and convert voicemails into texts to help employees. Already, restaurants like Monk’s Burger Bar in Chicago and Teppan Steakhouse in Southern California credit Popmenu Answering for fielding hundreds of phone calls, boosting reservations, and generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. get.popmenu.com

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Paytronix Order Experience Builder

Paytronix has enhanced its Order & Delivery platform through Order Experience Builder, which offers templates, as well as flexible design options. Through this new tool, restaurants can tailor their online-ordering sites by uploading menus and images, selecting a template, customizing the layout, and then synchronizing branding across all digital touchpoints, including mobile responsive sites. paytronix.com

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Presto Voice

With an order accuracy of 95 percent, Presto Voice is helping restaurants run faster and smoother. The product can be deployed in a number of settings including drive-thrus, pay-at-table systems, and server handhelds to streamline the guest experience while increasing the guest-to-staff ratio. The conversational AI excels in upselling and promoting high-margin items. It can adapt to different environments, accents, and noise levels. presto.com

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Resy Pay

The new QR-based mobile tool combines Resy’s digital hospitality expertise with parent company American Express’s payment-processing infrastructure. Resy Pay removes the fetch-the-check duty for servers while also offering a more seamless experience for guests. Amex cardholders also have the option to redeem points when they link their Resy and credit card accounts. resy.com

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Revel Loyalty XT

Through customer engagement management solution Como, Revel Systems has launched an affordable, in-house loyalty solution tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Revel Loyalty XT by Como combines a personalized loyalty experience, marketing automation, and data-driven insights, helping restaurants enhance customer engagement. revelsystems.com

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Austin Distel
Lavu Capital

Lavu Capital offers operators cash advances to run and grow their restaurants. Powered by fintech company Parafin, the platform was built as an alternative to bank financing by eliminating the applications and credit check requirements affiliated with traditional loans. Pre-approved merchants pay a one-time flat fee (determined by the amount of accepted capital) and a portion of future sales. lavu.com

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Nextbite Reconciliation

The Nextbite Reconciliation solution collects a restaurant’s delivery service transactions (such as orders, rebates, and cancellations) from across multiple third-party providers and consolidates them into a standardized format. The program then reconciles all these transactions to produce an unified overview financial statement. nextbite.io

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PAR Tech
PAR Tech
Par Infinity

ParTech’s new subscription-based hardware combines PAR’s proprietary technology with support services including a 24/7 help desk, managed care capabilities, field service, and equipment exchange for the life of the customer. By structuring the hardware as a subscription, operators do not pay any upfront costs and will have their systems maintained and upgraded. par-infinity.com

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American Lighting
DMX Tunable CCT Controllers
DMX Tunable CCT Controllers

American Lighting’s new DMX Tunable CCT Controllers offer easy, accurate, and customizable color temperature control at the push of a button for fast and accurate adjustments to transform the look and feel of a room with dynamic, customizable lighting. The color spectrum plus tunable white options include built-in presets and the ability to create scenes, adjust brightness, and even synchronize patterns. americanlighting.com

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Apex Order Pickup Solutions
OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker
OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker

Apex Order Pickup Solutions created OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker to streamline the pickup process down to less than 10 seconds. Employees load the orders from inside the restaurant, eliminating the need for handoff or for guests to enter the restaurant. The locker’s scalable, enterprise-grade software provides real-time data that helps operators enhance the customer experience. apexorderpickup.com

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