Greens In A Bowl
D6 Labs
Mutlti Threat Shield
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What could be more seamless than growing greens for your plates right inside your restaurant? Or safer than having a shield for any occasion tucked underneath the counter? Read on for our top picks for safety tricks and automation hacks to make this your best year yet.

Merging safety and tech’s “Internet of Things” is from D6 Labs—a full-system monitor that connects refrigeration, handwashing, and safety checklists. Streamline and automate food safety while reducing energy use and spoilage costs. Advanced alerts notify managers via text message or email of food safety hazards. An executive dashboard gives managers and regional directors real-time views of the status of all tracked facilities.

What looks like a small briefcase unfolds into a personal, bullet-proof shield. Stow the Mutlti-Threat Shield behind the counter for peace of mind and actual preparedness in a worst-case scenario.

Hand cuts and wounds lead preventable accidents in the workplace for restaurants. Protect employees’ hands with these Victorinox 86003 UltimateSHIELD 2 cut-resistant gloves that can withstand the maximum pressure—up to 4,000 grams of weight. We like the clean, minimal colors.

Utilizing dry steam, the Rapid Steamer maintains food texture, color, flavor and—reportedly—nutrients. We like the user-friendly touch screen and the small footprint in rapidly shrinking kitchens that are becoming increasingly automated. The Rapid Steamer replaces other full-size equipment like microwaves and full-size steamers.

Isn’t it every business owner’s dream to get into the mind of the customer? With deep data, you can get close. The Bridg Customer Data Platform aligns customer data on the same level available to online retailers, combining POS transaction data with loyalty and ordering data to provide rich customer profiles. Data-driven marketing can drive significant traffic and growth.

Skip the vendors for the food you need freshest—lettuce and microgreens—and just grow your own onsite. Verdical is your front-of-the-house farm; a modular, flexible, compact indoor garden that adds green to the space and the plate. Verdical cuts the distance from farm to fork down to about 100 feet.

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