McCain Foodservice’s Anchor line of Original Cream Cheese and Cheddar Cheese Jalapeño Poppers are now available with savory, smoky bacon packed inside. The addition of bacon allows operators to increase potential profits. Poppers are perfectly sized for appetizers, snacks, and shareables.

Makers of Konjac-based pasta alternatives, Skinny Pasta introduced its line of popular pasta alternatives to the U.S. Skinny Pasta is free of sugar, wheat, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, fat, and preservatives. Skinny Pasta has nine calories per serving, compared with traditional pasta’s 200 calories per serving.

Diversey Care’s Cryovac bags feature industry-leading side seals and leak resistant technology to outperform other resealable bags. All Cryovac bags feature optimum film thickness and double zippers. Quart size and larger bags feature sonically welded zipper corners to reduce leads and tears.

AllUP Restaurant is a cost-effective point-of-sale solution with a unique software experience that can help better manage your restaurant business. AllUP also provides advanced hardware, such as the AllUP Max, which features a 15-inch touch screen display and built-in printer. Run your business more efficiently with AllUP Restaurant and AllUP Max.

NEC Display Solutions of America’s 23-inch MultiSync E233WMi is a widescreen desktop monitor that combines IPS screen technology with ergonomic design, making it a perfect fit for enterprise environments. The high-contrast display offers low blue light and flicker-free operation, improving the visual experience and reducing eyestrain.

Grayson Natural Farms’ Landcrafted Food Original and Sweet Smoked Beef Sticks are made from 100 percent grass-fed cattle and are gluten- and GMO-free. All Landcrafted Food cattle are raised without added hormones or antibiotics on the company’s small consortium of farms.

Robot Coupe’s MP450 Turbo Combi Power Mixer was designed to meet large production needs with improved ergonomics and two processing attachments, including a removable stainless steel shaft, cutter assembly, and blade for unmatched sanitation for mixing, plus the whisk attachment for processing potato flakes and dehydrated base for soups and more.

Waterless Co. Inc’s BlueSeal can be used with a variety of no-water urinal systems. Adding just three ounces of biodegradable and long-lasting BlueSeal can help block odors from being released into the restroom. Add to a cartridge or trap insert in small amounts for a cost-effective solution.

Butterball Foodservice’s expanding line of sliced turkey now includes Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, and Browned in Oil Turkey Breast. Pre-sliced turkey is ready to use from the package and helps cut down on labor and costs and increases kitchen safety.

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