McCain Foodservice's Redstone Canyon Fries Are Served In A Cast Iron Skillet, Topped With Melted Cheese Curds And A Sprinkling Of Green Onions
Unilever's Pure Leaf Iced Is Poured In A Glass
Solugen’s Ode To Clean Wipes Are Biodegradable And Made Of 100 Percent Plant Starch
LidWorks' Translucent Flat Straw Slot Lids For Double Sided Poly Paper Cups
Oasis' Aquarius Water Coolers Offer Unique Designs
Three Cans Of Blackeye Roasting Co.’s Line Of Nitro Cold Brew, Which Come In New White Chocolate And Nitro Cocoa Flavors
Frontline International’s Low Profile Transport Caddy
Organic Stevia In The Raw Is A 100 Percent USDA Organic Certified, Non GMO Project Verified, Vegan Certified, And Gluten Free Product
Red-Battered Fries

McCain Foodservice’s Redstone Canyon fries offer visual appeal with seasoned flavor and crispy texture. These fries can be served in a variety of applications, such as with beer and blue mussels, or as a home-style side or appetizer in a cast iron skillet, topped with melted cheese curds and a sprinkling of green onions.

Hot and Iced Teas

Unilever Food Solutions’ Pure Leaf iced and hot teas are served in transparent pyramid tea bags, displaying long tea leaves and real fruit, flower, and herb pieces. This gives customers satisfaction in the authenticity and simplicity of their beverages. A see-through window on tea packaging also allows guests to see and select tea varieties.

Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes

Solugen’s Ode to Clean wipes use Bioperoxide for a safe, powerful way to clean without the petroleum-based chemicals found in many cleaners. Wipes are biodegradable and made of 100 percent plant starch. The wipes are available in a low-profile dispenser and do not emit toxic fumes or leave residue on surfaces.

Translucent Cold Lids for Paper Cups

LidWorks’ Translucent Flat Straw Slot Lids for Double-Sided Poly Paper Cups feature an elegant design to enhance product appeal and increase customer satisfaction. The raised straw slot makes it easy for consumers to efficiently insert straws into the slot. Lids are equipped with popular flavor buttons and are available in 12 squat 22-, 32-, and 44-ounce sizes.

Water Coolers

Oasis’s line of Aquarius water coolers offers unique designs, including point-of-use countertop and bottle-filled top load or bottom load, to serve a variety of needs. Each Aquarius unit has an 11-inch dispense height to accommodate refillable water bottles. With a sleek polymer cabinet, electric controls, a small footprint, and durable design, these coolers are configured to fit restaurant needs.

Flavored Nitro Cold Brew

Blackeye Roasting Co.’s line of Nitro Cold Brew is preservative free and comes in new White Chocolate and Nitro Cocoa flavors. Both varieties are made of cold-brewed coffee and nondairy-based creamer, making them shelf-stable and creamy. They are available in individual cans and kegs.

Grease Transport Caddy

Frontline International’s Low-Profile Transport Caddy features heavy-duty casters so that the stainless steel caddy can slide under a rotisserie oven and hold up to 75 pounds of grease. Once full, the caddy can be rolled to the containment tank, allowing operators to pump contents with no mess and no need for employees to handle grease.

Organic Sweetener

Organic Stevia In the Raw is a 100 percent USDA organic certified, non-GMO project verified, vegan-certified, and gluten-free product. This sweetener, perfect for beverages, cereal, fruit, and more, is available in convenient three-calorie packs that provide the sweetening equivalent of two teaspoons of sugar.

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