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Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes

Sani Professional launched a new Softpack format for its Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes. Sani Professional Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes are specifically formulated for the removal of

grease and grime typically found in back-of-house foodservice operations.

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The Pizza Robot

Picnic announced at the International Pizza Expo and Conference it is accepting pre-orders from U.S. customers for its award-winning Picnic Pizza System. It claims to be the only modular and configurable pizza assembly system commercially available in the market today, helping save time, money, and labor through kitchen automation technology.

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A Service for Bars & Restaurants

Overproof’s BarInsights platform empowers bars and restaurants to monetize their existing POS sales data, and gives suppliers unprecedented insight into their on-premises performance and return on investment.

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Reimaging Sanitation

Designed specifically for restaurant use, Thumbs Off! acts as a barrier between a server’s hand and a customer’s plate, offering safety and peace of mind during the transfer of food to the table.

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Wide Vector Ovens

Alto-Shaam’s award-winning Vector Series of Multi-Cook Ovens added a new version of its Vector H Series ovens with even wider chambers, capable of cooking 16-inch pizzas.

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New Voltage Monitoring Solution

The new DTK-KG2 is designed to protect HVAC equipment from harmful under-voltage and over-voltage events that can damage sensitive electronic and mechanical components within the system.

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Next Generation of Beverage Management

BeerBoard is digitizing the back of the bar with the official launch of SmartOrders. The platform completes BeerBoard’s ecosystem by providing solutions that work in tandem with the other key aspects of bar operations, helping to simplify ordering, inventory and payments

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Call the Concierge

Waitbusters “Call Concierge” is an automated answering service where restaurants will never miss a customer’s call again. The feature, which acts as a supplement to Waitbusters’ software or can be used as a stand-alone solution, gives restaurants the ability to manage their in-house guests while still addressing phone-in customers’ needs.

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End-to-End Pickup Experience

Punchh debuted newest product, Punchh Pickup, which creates a frictionless, end-to-end pickup experience for both customers and employees. Punchh Pickup allows operators to view and manage all pickup orders from a customizable web-based console, providing real-time location and arrival estimates.

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