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Delivery is no longer exclusive to the realm of pizza joints. As more consumers demand off-premises options, restaurants are exploring their delivery options. Arizona-based Phat Scooters’ new Phleet Scooter was built with foodservice operators in mind. The 749-watt electric motor can log up to 75 miles on a single charge and reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Because of its low speed and pedals, Phleet Scooters can travel in bike lanes, helping couriers avoid traffic—and restaurants skip a lengthy licensing process.

The chef apparel line that names luminaries like Kwame Onwuachi of Kith/Kin and Julia Sullivan of Henrietta Red as fans has launched a new line. Tilit Supply features five staples for chefs and cooks, including a Henley-style T-shirt with snap buttons in the front and an apron tab on the back and a classic chef’s coat. Items in the collection can be purchased individually and in full outfit kits. Tilit also collaborated with chef Missy Robbins for a limited-edition jumpsuit that debuted in November.

Knife sharpening may be one of the world’s oldest trades, but Knife Aid has taken it online. Simply log into the Knife Aid website and select the number of knives you’d like to have professionally sharpened, then send them, in a pre-paid envelope, and receive them back, sharper than ever, in one to three days.

The wine you pour just got purer. Üllo has launched Single Glass Filters for its Üllo Wine Purifier to remove sulfites and sediment glass by glass. Packed with the same proprietary Selective Sulfite Capture polymer as the original Üllo filters, the individually portioned version ensures every drink is perfect.

The rigors of kitchen life can erode labels, making the writing inscrutable and leaving a sticky residue. Pura-cycle’s patented ReMarkable Label sports a whiteboard surface that stays put through 500 dishwasher cycles, but operators can still erase the text when needed to relabel.

Ergo Chef’s Guy Fieri 8-Inch Knuckle Sandwich Chef Knife might just be the most rugged chef’s knife out there. True to its tough name, the Knuckle Sandwich packs a punch with a high-carbon-steel-finished blade for longevity and a heavy-duty Kydex sheath for safe drawer, knife roll, or hip storage. While it may take you from the kitchen to the campground with ease, this knife doesn’t skimp on precision; the bowie-like tip allows for quick and exact mincing and thin slices.

Since Coravin hit the market in 2011, the gadget has redefined how restaurants—and consumers—feel about opening a bottle of wine. Now the technology that allows for pours without popping the cork is sporting a tech-savvy upgrade in the Coravin Model 11. As the first automatic and bluetooth-enabled Coravin, the Model 11 connects to the brand’s Moments App, allowing users to save bottles to a virtual cellar while also offering curated pairings. The automated system ensures every pour is precision perfect.

Combining a chef’s knife, boning knife, and carving knife into one single blade, Wüsthof’s Classic 7-Inch Hollow Edge Craftsman Knife is the culinary equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, with a capable, adaptable design that can achieve most restaurant cutting, slicing, and dicing tasks. The versatile blade works just as easily on veggies like squash and carrots as it does on chicken thighs and lamb chops, providing a smooth cut for just about every ingredient on the menu.

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