Chef Chris Coleman | Stoke | Charlotte, North Carolina

Chris Coleman, Stoke’s director of culinary experience, utilizes the entire carrot to shape a multidimensional dish. Heirloom carrot stalks, stems, and leaves are blanched then blended with pine nuts, parmesan, garlic, and olive oil into a bright pesto while the roots become charred and crispy in a wood oven. The smoky carrots are tossed in cayenne, dry mustard, and smoked paprika. The bowl is swooshed with pesto and drizzled with an Eastern North Carolina-style barbecue sauce with sweet, reduced carrot juice syrup and hot sauce, cider vinegar, and Worcestershire for spicy tang.


Chef Max Snyder | Pitchfork Pretty | Austin, Texas

Earthy beet broth increases depth in a salmon dish designed by chef Max Snyder. Peeled beets and shallots roast in clarified butter infused with grilled, smoked salmon bones that are deglazed with honey with beeswax and vegetable stock, and strained cold for a clear, red broth. When plated, the broth is poured over raw scallion and ginger, roasted beet, fermented turnips, fregola pasta, roasted potatoes and turnips, fava leaves, poached salmon, parsley, flowers, salmon skin chicharrones, and smoked salmon roe.

Celery Root

Stubborn Seed in Miami Beach uses thick-sliced, braised celery root for a soft, sweet component in its Warm Celery Root.
Serve with: tempura maitake mushrooms, mustard sauce with Tabasco, dehydrated herb powder, and pickled Fresno chilies.


Riffing on artichoke dip, Scout in Dallas makes chips and dip out of sweet, earthy sunchokes.
Serve with: cream cheese, aioli, smoked honey ham, lemon juice, garlic, and pretzel bread.


For a voluptuous pudding that soaks up juices from a short rib dish, Miami Beach’s Meat Market blanches, boils, and blends parsnips with xanthan gum and vanilla.
Serve with: hazelnuts and chipotle Granny Smith apple compote.


At Chicago’s Bad Hunter, rutabaga-potato gnocchi is sautéed with diced rutabaga.
Serve with: braised cabbage, Malga Stagionato cheese, pine nuts, and saba juice.

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