Runamok Maple’s Sparkle Syrup
Tyson Loaded Chicken Bites
Red Gold 1 Ounce Ketchup Packets
Fusion Black Salt
Pulled Oats
McCormick Culinary Blends

Runamok Maple’s Sparkle Syrup is an organic maple syrup crafted with pearlescent mica, a food-safe and flavorless mineral that is added to Runamok Maple’s pure, organic maple syrup. Sparkle Syrup can be used in breakfast dishes, smoothies, cocktails, or as a dip for fruits and other small bites.

Featuring all-white-meat chicken, Tyson Loaded Chicken Bites are available in Cheddar Bacon Ranch, Parmesan, and Mac and Cheese. The bites can be served as a shareable appetizer, standalone entrée, or incorporated into a family-style meal kit.

Red Gold’s new 1-ounce Ketchup Packets help operators reduce the cost and waste of handfuls of ketchup packets amid the uptick in high-margin menu items, like french fries, for carryout orders. The equivalent of four 7-gram packets, a single 1-ounce packet provides the right amount for each order.

To craft Fusion Black Garlic Sea Salt, SaltWorks developed a proprietary fusion process that bonds ingredients to sea salt crystals, so every grain has a punch of flavor without the use of additives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients. With a flavor reminiscent of balsamic vinegar, Fusion Black Garlic Sea Salt elevates everything from deviled eggs to roasted vegetables to steak.

Pulled Oats is a high-protein, soy-free vegan crumble with a meaty “pulled” texture that combines five familiar ingredients: oats, fava beans, yellow peas, oil, and salt. Restaurants can use the alternative protein in tacos, burgers, meatballs, flatbreads, and more. Pulled Oats comes precooked and frozen with a 360-day shelf life.

McCormick for Chefs has launched five new McCormick Culinary Blends. Pre-blended to ensure consistent flavor and help save on labor costs, the newest additions feature global flavors that include Harissa, Japanese Seven Spice, Moroccan, Peruvian, and Za’atar.

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