Blueprint Lighting
Homer Laughlin

As more restaurants expand their beverage menus, the need for durable yet aesthetically pleasing servingware becomes a top priority. The Tossware Reserve Collection applies the brand’s proprietary Tritan polymer material to the classic design and weight of glassware. The result marries resiliency and style across a variety of models, including stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes, and highball glasses.

Like Cropmade’s original chopsticks product, its new Bamboo Straw is made with the environment in mind. Amid consumer demand for more eco-friendly packaging, founder and CEO Mylen Yamamoto and her team created a biodegradable, one-time-use straw. Unlike paper straw alternatives, bamboo’s tough fibers create a durable product that won’t get soggy or lose its form. In addition to the standard diameter, Cropmade also sells wider sizes for smoothies, milkshakes, and boba tea.

Vintage is in—as evidenced by the new Tin Tin Collection from Oneida. The appearance evokes classic enamelware but belies the strength and hefty weight of ceramic dinnerware. Ideal for restaurants ranging from casual bistros to nostalgic cafés, Tin Tin serveware wins presentation without skimping on sturdiness.

The Counterbalance ceiling fixture from Blueprint Lighting is a brass-and-enamel version of the wildly popular Counterpoint series. Featuring elements of Italian and French modernism design, Counterbalance is an art piece, an ambient lighting fixture, and a stunning study in balance and equilibrium.

Nothing warms up guests like a toasty mug of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa. Homer Laughlin helps restaurants fill that need with its new Fresco Hues Mugs. The 14-ounce mugs sport vivid colors on the inside and more neutral earth tones on the exterior—a signature hallmark of the Fresco Hues pattern—and are available in four colors.

Made in the U.S. but evoking European style, the new Genoa Collection from Beaufurn includes an armchair, side chair, barstool, and lounge chair. The ash frame can be stained in one of eight colors; similarly, the upholstered seats can be customized.

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