American Range Green Flame
Carlisle Squares
San Jamar Graphic Cutting Boards
Viking Culinary’s Titanium Cookware Set
ConnectSmart Kitchen 2020
Rational IVario

Manufactured in the U.S., this fully functional range line was designed to beat the gas waste of the standing pilot. The Green Flame line generates intense and precise heat but saves on energy costs. By replacing the pilot lights for an on-demand ignition with a system that detects flame outage, the new line saves a minimum of 1000 BTUs/hour on each burner when not in use.

Carlisle Squares is a food storage solution that allows operators to store, rotate, and transport food safely, increasing operational efficiency and reducing food waste to curtail costs. Each size has wide handles; tight-fitting, color-coded lids to maintain a secure seal; and a hanging hole for easy storage and drying options.

San Jamar’s new service allows customers to customize more than 100 cutting boards with laser-marked graphics. Markings include grid lines and measurements, as well as food group illustrations, brand logos, recipes, and more. Operators can combine training tools and equipment with recipes and instructions laser-marked into a single, reusable item.

The 10-piece Titanium Cookware Set requires less energy because it performs optimally on low- to medium-heat settings. The seven-ply construction sandwiches five layers of aluminum alloy between an induction-capable stainless-steel exterior and a titanium interior to maximize even heat distribution throughout the entire pan.

ConnectSmart Kitchen is a kitchen display system used in the back-of-house to ensure speed, quality, and accuracy. It provides support for busy kitchens with kitchen video, programmable prep times, and access to real-time operational data. Designed to reduce ticket times, CSK now integrates with ConnectSmart-Go, an order aggregator that streamlines the off-premises process.

Built with intelligence, the Rational iVario learns cooking patterns, alerts the user when items need attention, and adjusts cooking paths to achieve desired results. The intuitive screen display allows kitchen staff, at any level, to easily boil, simmer, sauté, braise, pan fry, deep-fry, and more, at the press of a button.

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