CraftStirs’ All Natural Powdered Cocktail Mixers
Illy Cold Brew
Tazo Mixology Concentrates
WMF SmartRemote
Smartender Ops

CraftStirs worked with top mixologists to create a line of powdered mixers designed to match cocktails sold behind the bar. CraftStirs cocktail mixers are made with all-natural ingredients like pure cane sugar and real fruit essences. Each sachet is 50 calories and comes in three flavors, Tropical Margarita, Melon Cooler, and Pomegranate Mojito.

illy has bolstered its Cold Brew collection with two new pieces of equipment. The first is a proprietary system that no longer requires the addition of nitrogen tanks to create a nitro-style beverage. The second is a patent-pending Aria Spout, which allows operators to switch between still and illy cold brew Aria (nitro style) with the turn of a knob from a single spout.

TAZO’s Mixology line features two tea concentrates inspired by hand-crafted cocktails. Made with ingredients like hibiscus, lime juice, and green tea, the new Berry Hibiscus Margarita and Ginger Lime Moscow Mule offer a fresh take on two classic drinks; just add water or seltzer to make a flavorful tea-based cocktail or nonalcoholic mixed drink.

With the WMF SmartRemote, guests in self-service or full-service environments scan the QR code on the display panel with a mobile device. The display then presents specialty coffee choices. The customer places a cup underneath the spout and selects a beverage by tapping the selected product on their phone. Afterward, the QR code is automatically regenerated.

The new Smartender Ops software subscription enables customers to manage and update multiple Smartender units from a single lead machine, thus maximizing efficiency and reporting. Operators can create or modify beverage recipes across their system, manage credentials, and access reports from multiple units at once.

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