P6 Square Umbrella Partition
Superior Aluminum
PureAir Package
ZShield Flex
Velocity Adjustable Breath Guards

The new partition for P6 Square and Square XL umbrellas allows restaurants to seat more guests safely outdoors. Instead of spacing tables 6 feet apart or more, operators can simply zip the protective screen onto the side of the canopy, thus protecting guests while also maximizing terrace and patio seating. Beaufurn.com

The lightweight aluminum product from Superior Aluminum Products comes pre-assembled and ready to use. The durable material does not rust and is available in multiple colors, shapes, and designs. Dependent on the needs of the location, Ready Railing can be paired with single or double bases. SuperiorAluminum.com

The Berner PureAir Package is the industry’s first air curtain to include needlepoint bipolar ionization technology, which disinfects and purifies air. When the door is open, PureAir operates as both an air curtain and an air purifier. When the door closes for longer than 60 seconds, the air curtain automatically transitions to continuous ion distributio­­­n. Berner.com

Made in the U.S. with a patent pending, ZShield Flex utilizes an adjustable neck-mount, which is considered more comfortable than a head-mount. It can be adjusted without touching the face. The visor protects the face, mouth, and eyes from respiratory droplets that become airborne when someone coughs, sneezes, or talks. ZVerse.com

Available in single-sided buffet, double-sided buffet, or cafeteria styles, Vollrath’s 6-Series Velocity Adjustable Breath Guards use a simple push-button mechanism to raise and lower the moveable tempered glass panel. The breath guards come with eight preset settings to ensure consistent spacing. VollrathFoodservice.com

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